Sunday, July 31, 2011

Snyder Summer Summary

This summer has been a busy one and one like I will most likely never experience again. It has been my last summer with just me and Clark. We have enjoyed lots of spur of the moment adventures and lots of time together. We have sold (almost) our house, found a new one, packed (working on it) this house, moved all my stuff to a new classroom, oh- and been pregnant with twins all the while. I think our lives have been busy this last few months, but I know in the next few it is about to get crazier as we add two new Snyders and a new house to the craziness. I have been pretty good with keeping up with the weekly pregnancy posts and I have been all consumed with my classroom lately so I have been a little neglectful posting pictures of all the fun things we have been up to around here. I know that these are the moments I will want to remember. These moments with our sweet 3 year old enjoying the summer. I can't believe that it is coming to a close. We have work days at school all this week and school officially begins on the 9th. So today is officially our last day of this summer break. So here is a picture summary of the summer of 2011- one we will never forget.


                                                       We drove the train at the orchard.

Of course we rode the "Cider Slider" at the orchard at least 200 times.

We played a lot with our friend Jack.

We went to a few weddings.

We read LOTS of books with daddo.

We made SEVERAL trips to the library.

We had a BIG PARTY to celebrate this boy turning 3.

We went to Salato Wildlife Reserve in Frankfort to see the animals.

We made a few trips to Orange Leaf Yogurt. YUMMO.

We went to a Legend's Game.

We watched baseball with mommy.

We ate entire tubs of popcorn.

We watched baseball with daddo.

We took "muscle rides" with NO HANDS!

We had x-rays at the dentist.

We had our teeth cleaned!

We survived the dentist with no tears!

We went to the movies with daddo.

We saw CARS2 and lasted the WHOLE TIME.

We had 3 year pictures taken.

We even took a few pictures of the sweet babies.

There were many more adventures had like trips to Target, play dates at Chick- Fil -A, pool days, whole days in our jammies, weekends with grammy and grandpa, visits with mamaw and papaw, playing in the sand table with Barney, house hunting and much more. Summer 2011 was crazy busy but we would have it no other way!

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  1. you dress clark so so cutely! he is precious. i can only imagine how cute the twins will be!


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