Wednesday, August 3, 2011

In One Week.

Next week is a big one. Wanna know why? Well, next week I will be 30 weeks pregnant with the twins on Monday. The FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL is Tuesday. We close on our current and NEW house on Wednesday. Movers will be moving us in on Thursday. So needless to say things are wild around here. My classroom is looking good but my house is becoming a lot like camping because I keep putting everything in a box, taping it up and labeling it. I am excited for all that is to come next week and I hope that it all happens smoothly. So as I head to school this morning for PD day number 2 of the week I will leave you with a few pictures of our current living conditions. 

Yes- these are the same boxes I just unpacked from my classroom move.
They have all been re-packed with our stuff!

The garage is stacked full.

You know the necessities- vitamins, bowls for cereal and bowls for spaghetti-Os.



  1. Good luck with the move! Hope next week doesn't get too crazy for you and you manage to get a little rest!

  2. Good luck with this week! I really needed to see your post, we are in the middle of the same thing. Only I have 2 teenagers to help & I'm not pregnant! If you can do it~I can do it!!!
    May God Bless Your New Home!
    Fern Smith’s Classroom Ideas!

  3. Wow, you do have a lot going on! I hope everything goes smoothly for you.


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