Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down!

This week over on Blog Hoppin' it is TEACHER WEEK. Last year I played along with my girl Babbling Abby for her Teacher Week and you can see those posts HERE, HERE & HERE. This year I have been a little busy in a new house, a new grade level and  growing twins. So this is my first day to play along. So if you are visiting from Blog Hoppin' WELCOME to my blog. I blog here about all things related to my life. It is not a straight teaching blog, but I do share teaching ideas every now and then and have been known to do a teacher link up on Thursdays, along with super cute pictures of my sweet 3 year old and his adventures and all things related to me expecting twins in a few short weeks. I hope you come back and see me!

My name is Abby Snyder and this is my first year in 5th grade. It is my 8th year in the classroom. I have previously taught 2nd and 3rd but I decided that having twins was not a big enough challenge and I should try a new grade level too! ha! Well, I am so glad I did. I LOVE 5TH GRADE!! This week is our 3rd week of school and I have enjoyed it so much. I have a wonderful class. I only have 21 kiddos which around here is pretty much unheard of and I get to teach reading 3 times a day! We departmentalize in my school and one of my teammates teaches math, one teaches social studies and I teach reading. We teach our own writing and science. I am really enjoying and adjusting quite well to it. Having a WONDERFUL team has made it such an easy transition and I am so glad I am here.

Because I moved to a new grade I had to move to a new classroom this year. Moving while pregnant was not that easy, but I worked a little at a time until it was done. I am missing the HUGE closet I had last year, but surviving without it. Other than that my room is HUGE and I am loving all the space. I try really hard to make my room as cozy as possible. I like it colorful and organized since it is where I spend a majority of my life. Many of my kids come from homes that are the exact opposite so I want to provide them with a fun, clean, organized place to learn. I teach in a building that is close to 90 years old so my room does have a little added character of beautiful wood floors and such that I do love. I know that I will make many changes as the year goes on, but the pictures below are what I have so far.

So without further ado WELCOME TO ROOM 204-
Where it all goes down!

Come on in!
Here is the view from the door.
See what I mean- BEAUTIFUL floors.

This is the view when you first walk in.
Love the tennis balls on the chairs to silence the noise on the said beautiful floors.

Right front corner.
My mailboxes, read a loud books, my student target space and such.

Left front corner of the room.

The black storage bin holds extra markers, paper, pencils and supplies.
The white storage bin is all things whiteboard. Markers, erasers, magnets and things.
The yellow shelf is where all my classes turn in homework and pick up missed work.
The buckets on top were from open house. I used them to collect completed back to school paperwork.
The rules posted are WHOLE BRAIN TEACHING rules. It is a school wide program we are using. If you have not heard of it GOOGLE IT- it is wonderful.

Indoor recess games and a cozy reading corner.

Storage and my math wall.
(The orange reading books are gone now.)

Fun spin rack of books. I got it at a book store going out of business sale. SCORE.

My area.
I do sit here more this year as there are LOTS of papers to grade in 5th grade!

View of the back of the room.
My reading area, classroom library, and small group work area.
LOVE the RedCat amplifier attached to the wall. Do you all have these?

 Well, there you have it folks. Those are all pictures taken with my phone and not the best quality. But hey!
So glad I got to play along today and I am looking forward to seeing inside your rooms!! I LOVE stealing learning your ideas! Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY!


  1. Welcome to the Blog Hop! It's so great to see into your room. My collegue and I started using some of the whole brain strategies past way through last school year and LOVE them! I am starting out on the right foot and using almost all of them this year!

    I adore your floors! They beat linoleum! (but I should be happy it isn't carpet!! eek!)

    I look forward to reading more as the week goes on!


    Back Hall Collaborators

  2. Your room looks incredible! I love the floors, but everything looks great!

  3. Your room is beautiful! I'm incredibly jealous of those gorgeous floors!

    Ms. Preppy's Adventures in Primary and Polka Dots

  4. Love your room! The floors are to die for! As much as I love fifth grade, the biggest downfall is the insane amount of grading. Ugh! I'm already following from, but Teacher Week brought out the crazy & I started a fifth grade teaching blog at Hoping to share more stories & ideas with someone from fifth!

  5. I absolutely love the floors! I wish we had something like that in my room because the carpet needs to be replaced badly! I also love the wall color!

  6. Ms. Blevins is getting excited!!! I'll NEVER be able to keep it that organized...I'll look at these pictures the day before you come back and be ready for you, Sara Kate, Clark, Shepard, and Stuart!!

  7. Oh I am SO glad I found this post of yours! I JUST accepted a 5th grade position for next year! After finishing my masters in New York last May, my family moved from New York to Florida and I taught reading in Middle School for my first year of teaching. My certification is for Elementary School but my Masters qualified me for the job. It wasnt my ideal choice but I needed a job at the time and it was a great experience anyway. So now I am heading into Elementary, where I have always wanted to be anyway. But feel SO out of the loop! This will definitely help me in at least setting up my new room! Any advice for a first timer?


    (alc316 on IG!)


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