Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Day 2: Teacher Must Haves

Today is DAY 2 over on Babbling Abby's Teacher Week. I am having so much fun connecting with other teachers, getting ideas and just knowing that there are so many people like me out there!ha!

Today was my first day of school!!! My kiddos were great for the most part. I have 22 and I am excited for a GREAT year. However, I am W-O-R-N O-U-T. I cannot guarantee how great this post will be due to the fact that my brain is mush. I can say I know all 22 names and spellings, but I am not sure I know mine right about now!

So here is a list of some of things I would call my MUST HAVES and cool things I have found along the way:

LOVE these magnetic shelves!

They stick directly to my whiteboard and I can display all kinds of things. Here is what I used them for today. I got them from Lakeshore last year $20.00 for 3! I heart them.

Speaking of magnetic, I also love these magnetic whiteboard erasers. They are super cheap from School Speciality and I will admit I bought 10 to start the year with. I think it is super great that I can always find them- It does not take much to make me happy!! :)

NOW- This should be TOP on my list. This is my document camera and I use it all day long. I am really not sure how I got along so long without it. I can display everything I want on it at a minutes notice. I do not use an overhead and do not even have one in my room any longer. I love that I can demonstrate anything under it large enough for all my students to see. I can work problems for them on the same page they are doing and so much more. Words cannot explain how much a rely on this thing. Worth EVERY penny!!

Another must have is my mounted projector. I use it all day too. I love that I can project my computer, document camera, TV, VCR, & DVD player all using this. I have become so spoiled with all my gadgets that it would be hard to go without. I am pretty sure all classrooms in our building have these now. I wrote an essay to our PTO and won mine a few years ago, and they have worked so hard to provide them for all of us!!

MY GLUE GUN!! I use this every year to hang up everything in my classroom. Anything laminated gets "glue gunned". Our building is OLD and the walls are concrete and have been painted hundreds of times. I have found nothing else that holds as well. This guy is a little worn out from all the work it has been doing over the last few weeks!ha!

A handsome husband that will come in the day before school and help sharpen pencils is definitely a MUST HAVE in my book!! Thanks Mr. Snyder! :)

My SMARTBOARD! Again, this is another bit of technology that makes life so much easier and so much fun! The possibilities are endless with this guy!

ANYTHING from Really Good Stuff. I love that catalog and get excited when I get a new one in the mail. I use this Bingo behavior board SOOOOO much. I got it last year and it proved to be a great incentive for my kids. If I catch them doing anything good I have them sign it. At the end of the day everyday I draw bingo. If I draw your square you get to pick from the prize board. THEY LOVE IT and so do I. This is just one of my loves from RGS. If you do not know about this catalog please introduce yourself soon and thank me later!!

I am sure I could come up with many more, but I have a toddler to put to bed, student information forms to file, a classroom blog to update and 4,800 emails to follow up on, but my show Pretty Little Liars is on and I must go watch teen text messaging drama on ABC Family!! :)


  1. Magnetic shelves?! LOOOOOVE! Glad your first day is over. Hope tomorrow is even better :) Get some sleep!!!

  2. I have never heard of magnetic shelves, how cool! I love the way you have your back to school books together in a labeled basket. My hubby came to school the week before and took the day off to help me move furniture, fix broken down furniture and help in my room too. How sweet are they? :) I also have blogged about my glue gun. It is actually so bad and worn out, I had to buy another one over the weekend :) Have a great year!

  3. Ha! I love that you included your husband. What would we do without them! Mine comes in to help me all the time.

    Great list :) I included my document camera too. They are amazing!

  4. Your room rocks! Too bad we can't choose teachers for our kiddos, cause you'd be at the top of my list!

  5. P.s. I think my favorite picture is the cute one of Mr. Snyder helping...too cute!

  6. Love your list, you are fortunate to have so much technology in the classroom, how fun! I start my student teaching in a few weeks and I'm so pumped, but I'm an older student teacher so I know I'm going to be pooped when the first day is over (which is also my birthday...yay)

  7. I need to get me one of those handsome husband helpers!


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