Sunday, August 15, 2010


10 years ago DVDs were in and VHS was on its way out, cell phones were becoming smaller and people I knew actually had them. Our television screens were plastered with pictures of a little boy named Elian Gonzalez. We all learned the term "hanging chad" and sang along with Sisqo and The Thong Song (don't lie, you know the words!). On t.v. Survivor was on its way in and Friends was on the way out. Britney Spears, Limp Bizkit, Eminem and DMX were ruling the radio. It was the year of the Y2K scare- but we all survived. It was also the year THIS GIRL graduated from high school!

So this weekend The AHS class of 2000 celebrated. The turnout was not high, but it seemed a good time was had by all. I do not live in the town were I grew up any longer, so it is always fun to go home and see old friends. Some people came from far away and many people had not changed one bit. We talked about high school days and adult responsibilities. We bragged about our kids and shared funny stories. There was dancing, chatting, drinking and laughing. We stayed until they shut the place down, the dj packed up and the bartender announced last call. I must say I had a little anxiety about the whole idea of seeing people that I had not talked to in such a long time, but many of them it was like I had seen them yesterday. I enjoyed it and hope that I get to attend the next one.

Of course I was that girl with the camera in everyone's face trying to document the night. So enjoy these pictures of The Class of 2000 reuniting!

Looks like a few guys jumped in for the photo!

The A TEAM- Alison, Abby & Amy

J.C. posing with the A.

I enjoyed having people pose with the A.

These two were fantastic sports all weekend!

Emily and the bartender! ha!!

Hil just checking out B.Sloan's new tats! :)

The Snyders

The Greys

It was great to see all these lovely ladies.

These guys did a WHOLE lot of this!

AHS Class of 2000's newly engaged couple!

There was a little dancing.

Sorry Al! I had to. THIS IS CLASSIC!

Group pic of Class of 2000.

If you were not there, you were missed.


  1. :) Great night. Great pictures. Great post.
    It was so nice seeing you. Love you and that sweet husband of yours.

  2. Looks likes you guys had a blast!! I miss you guys and soooo wish I could have been there but so glad to see you guys had such a wonderful time. Abby thanks for sharing this I enjoyed this post sooo much!! Love you all!!

  3. Nice Abby. It was great to see you and hilarious we shut the place down. Good time ;)


  4. Great post! Looks like you all had a great time.

  5. I felt compelled to come and comment on your AWESOME senior picture. I LOVE it!! The clothes are fabulous! You haven't changed one bit! I also felt as compelled to come and tell you how CUTE that teal dress is on you in your reunion pics!

  6. How fun! My 10 years is next year and I just CANNOT believe it! Craaazy. Hope school is going well for you :)


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