Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Greatest Show On Earth!

On Saturday afternoon we made our way to Rupp Arena. No, not to watch our beloved Wildcats play basketball but because the circus came to town!! The circus- you know the event where they can get away with selling $22.00 light up toys and $12.00 sippy cups of Lemonade. Thank goodness we walked away only with the $12.00 cotton candy (which did come with a hat)- but it was not an easy task. Pretty sure we will never be able to afford to take all three kids to the circus but we will see!  Clark was so excited to go and had been talking about it all week. He woke us up yesterday talking about it. He also asked if Mickey could go and if Mickey needed a ticket. Well, of course Mickey went as did we all and we had a WONDERFUL afternoon. He loved every minute of it and we LOVED watching him light up as something new came out. We loved the elephants, tigers, motorcycles and he LOVED the clowns.  We went with some great friends and their equally as excited three year old and that made it even more fun.  I am just glad I did not have the babies yesterday because I guess I was born on the day my older sister was supposed to go to the circus and instead I was born! And I take it that was pretty traumatic for her and I have heard a few times in my life from her how it ruined her life- SO I am glad Clark will not have to experience the same thing! ha! (No seriously- true story!)
Here are some pictures from our day with the Ringling Brothers.

Two excited boys!

Me and my 3 kiddos!

Watching the pre-show.

I LOVE this one. He was SOOOOOO excited.

Clark and Mickey enjoying the show.

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