Friday, July 29, 2011

28 Week Update.

The Snyder Duo Week 28

Today: 28 weeks 5days.

Baby Size:

According to my sources the babies are about the size of Chinese cabbages. Making them about 17 inches long and 2.9 lbs each. Getting bigger everyday!

Weight Loss/Gain:
At my 24 week appointment I was +12 lbs. I had my 28 week appointment on Tuesday and I am pretty sure I was up 2 more, but I don't look at the scale when they weigh me and I forgot to ask about the gainage.

Maternity Clothes:
YES. All maternity pants and mostly all maternity tops. My belly gets bigger everyday and I am amazed at how quickly the maternity tops are getting tight. I was able to wear regular tshirts until recently. They are now all too short. I have been wearing lots of workout pants and knit pants at night around the house and while I work in my classroom, however they are all getting tight.
I am still having trouble sleeping. I get up on average 5 times a night to go to the bathroom which makes uninterrupted sleep impossible. I guess it is just preparing me for getting up numerous times during the night to take care of these two.
I am feeling great these days and eating lots. My belly is SO itchy. It is unbelievably itchy as I sit here and try to type. I have lotioned and oiled tonight but nothing is helping. I may head to the tub for some relief soon. At my 28 week appointment this week I had to do my one hour glucose test.  It is never fun drink that sugary drink and sit for an hour, and this time was no different. I still did not enjoy it.

So I added a straw and tried to pretend I was drinking a cocktail on the beach!
Well I managed to survive the one hour test. I also got to hear their little heartbeats. I measured right on track which was the same measurement as I would be at 36 weeks carrying one! yikes.  The bad news is that the next day I learned I FAILED the one hour test. I was so upset. I do not handle failure very well. So on Thursday I had to go back to the doctor for the THREE HOUR glucose tolerance test. I had to fast for 12 hours and then go in for the test. I was very anxious about the whole idea of it all, but I survived- barely.
The waiting room was so crowded and everyone there brought at least 3 children. So my anxiety level kept climbing. It was loud, kids were everywhere. So when I went back for the hour one blood draw I begged to be put into a room.  They fully understood and gave me a nice quiet room to sit in for the remaining of the test. I was sooooooo relieved. I sat, read, and worked on a needlepoint belt for Clark that I have had for about a year and have had no time to work on. Let me tell you- I enjoyed the silence very much. The last few hours were much nicer than the first and tear free. I also learned today that I PASSED the three hour test with flying colors. SO GLAD to be done with all that mess.

They are moving all the time. I feel kicks, jabs and rolls. I can even see most of the movement from the outside. I am not sure if the movements are arms, legs, knees, or any of that, I just know there is lots going on inside there. I am supposed to be kick counting and watching for 20 movements in 10 hours and I am pretty sure we are WAYYYYY above that. I know the movement might decrease soon due to the fact that they may soon run out of room. But as of now they are moving machines.

Best Moment This Week:
1. Hearing their heartbeats and learning they sounded and measured great!
2. Learning I passed the three hour glucose test.
3. Funny Story: One night this week Stuart took Clark on a little adventure and I decided to take a bubble bath while they were gone. So I was just relaxing- possibly napping when my bathroom suddenly got crowded. The boys were back and they all came in to check on me. Of course my belly was floating above the bubbles and Clark as serious as can be asked me if I was taking a bath. I told him yes, I was taking a bath. He then asked me if the bath was going to wash the "scratches" (Yes- he was referring to my lovely new stretch marks) off my belly. I sure wish it were that easy buddy! I sure do.
Food Cravings:
Still on a milk and cereal kick. And I want frozen yogurt everyday. Good thing there in no Orange Leaf in town, but if there was I would be there EVERY DAY. Instead we have to go to Lexington so the trips are less often- but much loved. Stuart is gone this weekend and I am thinking C and I might head there for dinner tomorrow night as a matter of fact!

My favorite!
Vanilla & Strawberry yogurt with all the berries I can get on top!
(Maybe even a few white chocolate chips too!)

What I Miss:
I still miss Jazzercise. I miss bending over easily. I miss sleeping on my belly. I miss having lots of energy. I usually like to get so much done during nap time and this past week I have napped every time that Clark has. I have lots to do like pack, read my 5th grade curriculum and such but instead I have been napping. I guess baking 2 babies takes a little more energy than I thought! I also miss not being so darn itchy!!

Looking Forward To:
Moving into our new house!! (Which is hopefully next week!) I can't wait to get all things put away and hope to have it all done before these babes arrive. I can't wait to get their room ready. I am also very excited to see them again at our 30 week appointment on August 9th (Yes, the first day of school- BIG DAY)


  1. I can't tell you how many trips to Yogi Berry (our local yogurt shop) I made while pregnant!! Glad to hear you passed your glucose test! Good luck with your move!

  2. Your little boy's story is SO funny. ha! :)
    Glad you passed the test!

  3. Lookin' great, Momma! You're doing awesome! Take it easy and rest when you can :) Miss you!

  4. Congratulations!! How exciting. :)



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