Saturday, July 9, 2011

Some Updates.

Life is twelve kinds of crazy around these parts. In the past few weeks we have made some BIG changes. So I have been running around like a wild woman and not had a chance to blog. I did not do a 25 week pregnancy update and I have really been trying to document this pregnancy so next week I will try to do a 25 & 26 combo. (I know you are dying to read it! ha!) What have we been up to you ask?

On June 28th (two days before we were planning on taking our house off the market) we got an offer on our house!! We countered the offer and they accepted. After we agreed on a selling price we quickly realized we needed to find a new house. We had been looking online, and we knew our specifications and our small budget so on Wednesday we set out to see some houses. We saw 5 that night. We saw a few more over the next few days and made an offer on a house that FRIDAY. Yes- we Snyders don't mess around do we? The house we loved is currently owned by a relocation company so we placed the official offer on Friday but did not hear back until the next Tuesday due to the 4th of July holiday weekend. This was like torture to me. I hate waiting and the unknown. But we waited. On Tuesday we learned they had countered, we offered a new price, they countered, we offered again, they accepted and agreed to our terms. This all took a few days and we learned on Thursday they agreed and had signed all the paperwork. On Friday (yesterday) we had to be up and out of the house early because they did a home inspection, pest inspection and appraisal here at this house. We also had the inspection of the new house yesterday so we met the inspector and checked everything out. I think that all went well. I am waiting on word from our realtor to know how the appraisal and inspection went here so that I can begin to pack boxes!  We have set closing dates for July 29th so we have got to work to get this house ready and all things packed! I am just waiting on the green light to do it. Hopefully soon I will have some pictures of the new house to share soon. 
So due to all this house hunting madness I have been super busy the last few days.

Not only are we moving to a new house, but I am moving to a new classroom and a new grade level. So my classroom is a disaster and all in boxes. I have been working in the evenings at school for as long as I can manage due to the fact that there is NO AIR on and it is about 98 degrees in my classroom- being pregnant and hot do not mix well so I have to take lots of breaks to sit in front of the fan. I have unpacked about 45 boxes and I have been making some progress but I still have a LONG way to go. I would love to get it all done in the next week or two so that we can really concentrate on moving to the new house and not have to worry about both. So we will see how that goes. My plan is to go this evening when Stuart gets home from the golf course. If you walked in there right now, you would never know that I had worked so hard- but hopefully it will be obvious soon. I will have pictures soon too! Right now NO ONE wants to see the mess- not even me.

We had Clark's 3 year pictures taken at Keeneland last Saturday and we had so much fun. My friend Rebecca took them and she was so wonderful. You can check our her website HERE. If you live in the Lexington area I would highly recommend her. She is my friend from high school and is just starting her business. While we were there she also took lots of family pictures of us and our babies bump and I am so excited to see them all. She did post a few of them on Facebook to give me a sneak peek and it just left me wanting more. As since I don't typically post without pictures I thought I would share some of them with you!! Like I said she took hundreds and these are just a few. What do you think??

I also got a SUPER cute outfit that I ordered from a fellow blogger/ monogramming extraordinaire in the mail this week and I am so in love with it that I have to share it too!! To get some super cute things of your own visit Hillary HERE and thank me later!

I hope everyone has a super great weekend. I am going to be up to my eyeballs in boxes soon so I am going to enjoy the next few hours of no agenda with Clark before I head to school this afternoon!


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  1. I love the pictures!!

    This month, I moved into a new home and set up my classroom. I know how crazy/overwhelming/stressful that can be!


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