Monday, July 18, 2011

Classroom Update.

If you read my blog you know that we are in the process of moving houses and I am moving classrooms. My belly is big as I am 27 weeks today with the twins and my brain is on overload. (Have I mentioned that before? ha!) Our closing date on both houses has been contracted as July 29th but now our lender says it is looking more like August 10th. Yes- the day after the 1st day of school. How much fun will that be? ohmy. We should hear something this week about the final date. Because the closing date on the house is not set in stone and the first day of school is (August 9th) I have been working like mad in my classroom.

My classroom was quite the disaster and just a huge stack of boxes so I had my work cut out for me. I have now unpacked all of the boxes and put everything in a place. Not sure if everything is where it will stay, but it is put away for now. The biggest challenge in the new room is there is NO CLOSET. I have had a huge closet the entire time I have been at this school and I have become very reliant on it. (THIS is a picture of my old room and closet) So to not have one has been quite the challenge. The upside to not having a huge closet is that my room is much bigger so I have tried to make due with metal cabinets and filing cabinets. I put all my resource books in filing cabinets and all my *stuff* in cabinets. I have organized my desk, labeled my book baskets, sorted all books out that were too young for 5th, and just sorted, cleaned, pitched and organized the rest. The mess is under control and I just need to let the decorating begin. I have all kinds of ideas I just need to find time to get in there and do it!
Here is a sneak peek of what has been done so far:

BEFORE- Just stacks and stacks of boxes. ugh.

More BEFORE mess.

One of my handsome helpers.
Stuart came and moved all my wiring. I moved my desk to a different place
that the teacher previously in the room. So all the projector wiring had to be moved.

Another one of my handsome helpers.
Well, this kid is not much help as he drags EVERYTHING out, but he sure is cute to look at!

My new "closet".
Not quite as big as the last one, but it will work.
I have two of these and they are both filled completely up.

Book baskets have been re-done to meet 5th grade needs and re-labeled.
Pay no attention to the naked bulletin board. It will be filled soon!

Student computer station is set up and running and so is my teacher station.
I count that as a BIG accomplishment.

I have a lot to do. Curtains to hang, bulletin boards to decorate, hallway display to make, lockers to label, posters to hang, desks to arrange, welcome back packets to make, student letters to send and the tiny task of a BRAND NEW CURRICULUM TO LEARN. But hopefully it will all get done before Meet The Teacher Night on AUGUST 5th.  Until then it is box packing at home during the day and classroom decorating by night. Hopefully it will all come together.


  1. I can totally feel your pain. Last year we moved into our house the weekend before school started. I too moved schools and unfortunately, due to the budget cuts they didn't have our rooms ready for us to get in and work until a week and a half before school started! Take a deep breath and remember everything will work out!! Things look great!

    Kelli @

  2. Just stumbled across you blog, and felt your pain! I am 27 weeks pregnant too, trying to get adjusted in my classroom from afar while on bedrest, with a toddler who is almost 3 at home! When I was pregnant with my first we moved houses the day BEFORE I started at a new school. It was madness! Good luck!

  3. I just found your way to cute blog and can't wait to dive into it!!! I am now a new follower:) Come visit sometime:)

    4th Grade Frolics

  4. Looks GREAT!!!!!

  5. Looks great!!
    I love the way you have your books set-up!

  6. What beautiful wood floors you have? Do they get scratched and scuffed up from the students?

    Ms. M
    Ms.M's Blog
    A Teacher's Plan

  7. Looks great! I'm so impressed with how much you have done! I'm a relatively new follower! :)

  8. I do not envy you trying to move right before school starts AND organizing a new classroom! I'm sorry your closing date has been pushed back...I know that is frustrating! Hopefully it will work out smoothly. Speaking of your room though, it looks great and you've made tremendous progress so far. I can't believe how soon the summer will be over for students and teachers (and on a selfish note...Nicholasville Rd traffic will again be horrible).


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