Saturday, July 2, 2011

Taste of Our Town & Classroom Panic

Last Thursday after a day of looking at houses (we think we found one!!) we headed downtown to a fun little weeknight treat. Our town hosted an event that showcased local food and drinks. They had over 20 vendors and some wine tasting. Because I was not able to partake in the vino taste testing I made sure to try lots of the food! :) We bought our tickets and made our way around the town square taste testing all the yummy things our town had to offer. My favorite was a pulled pork lasagna from a local BBQ place. It sounds weird I know, but it was soooooo yummy. I used 4 of my tickets to get two pieces! There was not only great food, but LOTS of desserts and a live band. We stayed about as long as I could take it because it was so HOT and we used all of our food tickets- all 20 of them. It was a great turnout- much greater than they planned. Many vendors ran out of food and it was a challenge to find a place to sit- but we loved being downtown just enjoying each other and yummy food! I am pretty sure Clark loved it because he had a cupcake, a meatball and a cake pop for dinner. Healthy I know- but hey it is summer and you are only 3 once right??!

My cute boy and his cake pop.
It was a super cute idea- cake with frosting in a push-up.
Loves it.

Please ignore my slight farmers sunburn...

Our little family of 3  5.

Because of the idea of moving to a new house (prayers appreciated that all deals work out and we make the right choices.) and moving to a new classroom I spent all day Friday working in my classroom. I figured I had better get one thing crossed off the list... right?? Well I walked into room 204 to find this...

OVERWHELMED does not even begin to describe what I was feeling. Not only was I welcomed with this HUGE mess, but the air conditioning was also turned off. But I was determined. I stayed from 9:30- 2:30 and emptied about 35 boxes. I filled a cabinet (NO CLOSET IN ROOM 204), put all my resource books in a filing cabinet, and organized my classroom library while sorting out all the books that were most likely too young for 5th graders. I took a few breaks to head down to the office- where the air was on and enjoy a popsicle to ensure there was no passing out and worked until I could work no more. I will be heading back next week in the evenings once Stuart is home to work some more. I promise it will look much more like THIS when I am done. It just may take longer than I would like as I am not as quick since I am carrying two extra sweeties and because I have NO IDEA what I am doing in 5th grade. But I do have faith that it will all come together- IT WILL RIGHT??

Happy 4th weekend to you!!
We are doing a whole lot of nothing around here. yay!


  1. Yes, it will all work out - I promise!!! Keep me posted on house happenings. Loved your downtown blog..

  2. Wow, you have your plate full! Praying for sanity, rest, and for your health! Prioritize and call me if you need help organizing your classroom! Seriously! I'd love to come and help you for a few hours on a tues/wed evening!!

  3. It will all work out! I moved to a different school last year after Hatcher closed. Then, a month into the school year, I had to move down the hall. Granted I wasn't preggers with twins, but it was overwhelming to say the least. You might have to "let go" of some of the small stuff, but those kiddos won't know the difference. Good luck!

  4. It really is overwhelming to move to a new classroom and get it all set up, but it will come together! Good luck on your house hunt, hope you get the one you want!


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