Thursday, July 21, 2011

27 Week Update.

The Snyder Duo Week 27
Today: 27 weeks 4 days.

All 3 of my kiddos in one picture!
I wonder if the other 2 are as silly as the big one!?

Baby Size:
According to my sources the babies are about the size of a head of cauliflower. Making them about 16 inches long and 2.5 lbs each. I am not sure about the length, but the weight it right on track. We had an unexpected ultrasound on Tuesday and learned they are exactly that. Both of them are 2lbs. 5 oz. each! They measured exactly the same! I was told that is very rare. I was just so thrilled to know they were growing big!

Weight Loss/Gain:
At my 24 week appointment I was +12 lbs. I have been eating and drinking lots of water and Tuesday at the surprise doctor's appointment I learned I am still +12. I have not lost or gained in the last 3 weeks. I find that interesting and wonder if that will change before my 28 week appointment.

Maternity Clothes:
YES. All maternity pants and mostly all maternity tops. My belly gets bigger everyday and I am amazed at how quickly the maternity tops are getting tight. I was able to wear regular tshirts until recently. They are now all too short. I have been wearing lots of workout pants and knit pants at night around the house and while I work in my classroom, however they are all getting tight. I had to make a costume change last night while Stuart and I were watching TV because the non maternity pants I was wearing were cutting me in half!

I am still having trouble sleeping at night but last night might have been the worst night yet. I could not get comfortable. My legs were very restless, my mind was very restless and I had to get up to pee 9 times!! YES 9 TIMES (I counted!). I went to bed about 9:45 and tried to get to sleep. But by the time Stuart came to bed at about 11:00 I was still wide awake. I tossed and turned all night. I tried all positions, using a pillow under my belly, between my legs and nothing worked. I am hoping this is not the trend, but if it is I guess I will learn to deal with it.

I am feeling great these days and eating lots. My belly is SO itchy. It is unbelievably itchy as I sit here and try to type. I have lotioned and oiled tonight but nothing is helping. I may head to the tub for some relief soon.
I did have a little scare (I guess you would call it) on Tuesday. This past weekend I noticed that I did not feel Shepard moving as much. I had been feeling very distinct movement on the lower left side (Sara Kate) and the upper right side (Shepard). But like I said, this weekend I noticed reduced movement in the upper right side. We were busy packing boxes and such so I thought that maybe I had missed it so Monday I tried to pay closer attention. I still did not feel the amount of movement I thought I should. Tuesday morning I laid on my left side for a while and felt LOTS of action. I rolled over to my right side and laid for a while and felt nothing. I then got very worried so I called my doctor's office. They asked me to come in so I did. They tried to hook me up to the monitors but let's just say it is pretty difficult to get two monitors hooked up to find two heartbeats on two tiny babies. After about 30 minutes of trying and one slight panic attack from me (I guess it was a panic attack. I have never had one before, but I broke out in a huge sweat and felt like jumping off the table. All the while I am trying to lay still so the heartbeats can be found. Let's just say I had to be fanned by a nurse while wearing a cold wash cloth on my head...nice! Talk about high drama).So after all that they asked if I could come back later that afternoon when the ultrasound tech would be there. I quickly agreed and made my exit. I apologized to all the staff as I looked like I had run a few miles. Lovely I know. I am sure they were so excited to see me again in a few hours! :) So, I went back in a few hours and had a full ultrasound. They both looked great!! It was a huge relief and I learned why I had felt the reduced movement. THEY HAD BOTH MOVED! SK who was breech and in my lower left side was now head down and curled up in the lower right corner. Shepard who was head down with his little feet in my upper right side is now breech with his head in my ribs and his feet down my left side. This being the reason I felt no movement on my right side and LOTS on the left. I loved the reassurance that they were both okay. I also learned that they were both measuring about 2lbs. 5 ozs. each. I was also told that one was 53.3 percentile and the other was 53.4 percentile. Not usual for twins to be so close in size but these little guys are! They are just amazing and I loved seeing them on the screen.

Best Moment This Week:
Clark tried to wear some Halloween pjs last night that were too small. Stuart shoved him into them and once they were on he begged to take them off telling us he was too big for them and we needed to save them for Shepard! It was super cute.l
Food Cravings:
Still on a milk and cereal kick. YUM- I might need some right now! :)
What I Miss:
I still miss Jazzercise. I miss bending over easily. I miss sleeping on my belly. I miss having lots of energy. I usually like to get so much done during nap time and this past week I have napped every time that Clark has. I have lots to do like pack, read my 5th grade curriculum and such but instead I have been napping. I guess baking 2 babies takes a little more energy than I thought! I also miss not being so darn itchy!!

Looking Forward To:
Moving into our new house!! I can't wait to get all things put away and hope to have it all done before these babes arrive. I can't wait to get their room ready. I am also very excited to see them again at our 28 week appointment on the 26th. I am not looking forward to the glucose test and drinking the yucky drink.


  1. You look great!! Glad to hear they are both doing well! Oh, the nights of getting up many, many times to go to the bathroom. Don't miss that part of being pregnant! :)

  2. It's a little comforting (and then terrible all at the same time!) to know that someone else has those pesky restless legs. My husband thinks I am crazy when I talk about it, and I was starting to think I was crazy too! I am 28 weeks today, and having trouble falling asleep before 2:00am! Hang in there!


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