Monday, July 26, 2010

We tried.

Last Wednesday was another first for Clark. He has been really into his TV shows lately, and when I say that I mean it. He wakes up saying " I watch Mickey". Along with the old favorites Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sesame Street, he has a new obsession with a show called Special Agent Oso and will sit through entire episode of each. I always said my child would not watch TV, and I would not give up my shows for cartoons, however it is sooooo cute to watch him interact with the shows, sing the theme songs and get so excited when they come on. Don't worry we have DVR so I am not missing my shows (I know you were worried!), and we are able to DVR episodes of his favs to have on demand if needed.

So, because of his ability to sit through a TV show, I thought it might be time to try the movies. I really want to see Toy Story 3 and would love to take him, but was not sure how he would do. So some friends and I decided to try taking our boys to the FREE movie to see how they would do. They are all about the same age and we thought we would give it a shot. So we hit the local theater for the early morning FREE show of Horton Hears A Who.

We entered the theater confidently bearing booster seats, popcorn and fruit snacks. We settled into our seats to watch the show. Clark was pretty excited at first. He says as soon as we sit down, "oooohh I watch TV and eat copcorn!", he was very entertained. He sat wonderfully as we waited for the movie to start and ate his "copcorn". Once the movie began he was excited to see the elephant and the animals. Is was all fine until the movie got boring and the popcorn ran out. As soon as it was gone Clark announces "I GO BYE BYE!", so bye bye we went. I feverishly tried gather up all of our things and we were OUT. We lasted about 40 minutes into the movie. So if you add the 15 or so minutes we waited for it to start we lasted close to an hour. (In case you were wondering his buddy Layton lasted about 15 minutes, and Drew wanted to leave after we did because his buddies were gone!) I would not consider it a total wash. I think that if it was a Mickey movie, included anything trains or special agent bears he would have been fine. So, we may take a break from the movies for a while, but it was a fun little first and I enjoyed it and I am pretty sure he did too- the "copcorn" part anyway.

My little "copcorn" fan.

C and mommy ready for the show.

Mr. Drew waiting patiently.

Mindy, Drew, Layton & Ashley -our movie buddies.


  1. Cute post! We're ready to try again whenever you are!! :)

  2. Those cute little boys will like to go to the movies with girls before you know it!!

  3. Even if you only lasted 5 minutes, it would have been worth it for those pictures - so cute!


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