Thursday, July 15, 2010

Take C Out to the Ballgame

Last night we made a last minute decision to go to Lexington to see the Legend's play. The Lexington Legend's are a local, single A baseball team and we had free tickets and nothing on the agenda so we decided to go! The weather was wonderful. It was warm and breezy. We had a traditional ballpark meal followed by cotton candy, or "big candy" as Clark called it. Clark did not last the whole game since it did not start until 7:00 and bedtime around here is usually 8:00, but the tickets were free and we stayed around long enough to enjoy the summer evening, see the sights and watch a little baseball. We only had to correct Clark about 25 times as he kept calling it "golf ball", but it was very cute. He even wore his little glove and tried to catch a few "golf balls".

I have totally enjoyed this summer. We have been doing so many "summery" things and I have yet to darken the doors of my classroom. I so wish I could just snap my fingers and my classroom would be ready to go, but I cannot find the classroom fairy so I guess I will make a few trips over there this weekend to get started. I love my job, but I have loved spending so much time with my little guy this summer. So until the first day on August 10th, I will continue to watch Mickey Mouse, play trains, make trips to the library, eat fruit snacks, play in the sand, enjoy the baby pool, have picnic lunches, take naps and play with playdough.

Because I cannot post without pictures (I mean how fun would that be???) Here are some pictures from our baseball outing last night. I am pretty sure C was the best dressed kid there! Do you not LOVE his little outfit??

Showing me the "golf balls" ha!

Just enjoying some fruit snacks at the ballpark.

"Hey, throw me a golf ball!"

My cute boy watching the warm-ups!

Not such a hot picture of me,
but I love that he is watching and wearing his little glove!

Of course we found a slide at the ballpark!

Ahhhh summer!

My guys after an evening of baseball.


  1. I have no doubt that C was the best dressed (AND cutest) kid at the ball park. LOVE LOVE LOVE his outfit! Precious.
    I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the "Ahhh summer" picture. Absolutely frame worthy. ;)

  2. This is too great! Sounds like a wonderful summer. Clark is one lucky little boy. Thanks for blogging! - Mammy

  3. Your little man is so cute with that precious belt and picture of his little booty, haha!!!


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