Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Peachy

Well, it was another successful week in the Snyder house. We were able to enjoy another fun filled week full of summer-like activities.

On Wednesday, we headed over to Evan's Orchard with the kids from our church for a HOT day enjoying the outdoors. Clark was the youngest one, but I knew it would be an outing he would enjoy so we tagged along for the fun. Clark enjoyed it so much. Yes, it was about 95 degrees and I was a lovely puddle after the day wrapped up, but I will admit it was a lot of fun. The kids were so cute with Clark and they did a great job entertaining him! They have a petting zoo, which he loved. He named, petted and talked to all the animals. We then took a wagon ride through the orchard. This was a nice way to relax and cool off. Clark was a little leery at first, but he learned to enjoy it. After the wagon ride the kids got to play in the play area. It is a GREAT place and C found so many things to do! They have slides, swings, a sandbox full of corn, tractors he can ride, and lots more. He was lovin' life- and all the attention he was getting from the big kids! I had so much fun watching him act like a big boy and he just played and played. They even had lunch for the kids! I am so glad we went. I enjoyed a chance to get to talk to some other moms from church. I am still getting to know everyone and that was nice.

Before we left we hit up the store where I was enticed by all the fresh produce. I ended up buying apples and peaches. The peaches looked so yummy I bought so many! Once I got in the car I began to wonder what in the world was I going to do with all this fruit! We are only 3 people!! So I immediately came home and began looking up ideas for fresh peaches. I did remember Babbling Abby (a blog I LOVE) talking about easy ice cream and I knew I had saved the site. So I began searching and found it- HERE. So, as soon as C woke up from his nap we were on a mission to buy all necessary ingredient's and make a little Magic Ice Cream of our own. We did and I must say it is YUMMY, EASY and I highly recommend it!! I might have even made a little peach crisp to go with the ice cream for dessert tonight! Can't wait!

The girls were great with Clark.
This is Clark and Miss Emily- Do you think he liked it??

Sweaty Boy on the wagon ride.

Someone LOVES a good petting zoo!

Can you spot Clark?

This corn box was a huge hit!

Clark & Andrew- Look at those faces!!

The peaches that were calling my name!

The ingredients we ran out to pick up.

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4 was the hard part- Waiting 6 hours for it to freeze!!

I sure hope Stuart makes it home early tonight, because the warm peach crisp I just made is smelling extra delish right now and with some of the ice cream on top...yikes! What a peachy way to wrap up our week!


  1. Hey Abby! YES that is Erin! I work with her, and we have become great friends!! I just love her. PS your little tiny is so precious! Handsome fella.

  2. I just bought my friends that are 20 and 22 the same sippy cups Clark has... and they couldnt figure out how to use them... Just saying; hes a smart little boy :)... and adorable of course


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