Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Week in Review.

What have we been up to lately you ask??
Well, here is our week in photo review:

This cute little guy above and I have been busy this week.

We might have gone swimming!

We might have even gone with our buddy Jack!

We might have done a WHOLE LOT of pj wearin'.

One member of our family might have waited in this line with lots of teens, vampire crazies, and "Twi-moms" one night this week.

To see this guy at midnight.

We might have done a little grocery shopping.

We might have filled our cart full!

We might have laid around with this big hairy animal.
(Who cannot get into the groomer until July 29th!)

We might have also hung out with these furry animals.

We might have even fed them!

We might have even gotten up close an personal with a few!

We might have been spotted at story time at the library.

We might have even blown bubbles.

We might have seen a parade!
(with firetrucks, bicycles, dogs and horses...C's dream!)

We may have taken a spin with this guy!

We might even have gotten brave enough to do a little driving with this guy in the back!

As you can see we might have had another fun week of soaking up this summer season. I have heard talks of team meetings and working on classrooms, but I am trying to block that all out and just enjoy what is left of this extremely short summer break with my little man. I have not felt very good the last few days and I have not gotten a lot done around the house, but I have tried to keep him busy and keep him laughing. So now he is napping, Stuart is golfing and I am getting ready to cut out coupons, clean up this house and enjoy the rest of this holiday!


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  1. Happy 4th of July! Thanks for giving us a peek at you week! :) Enjoy the rest of your break and keep posting pictures of that beautiful boy. :)


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