Thursday, July 29, 2010

Before & After

Someone in the Snyder household looks a little different. This someone has regained his ability to see, looks like he lost 40lbs. and is a new man! Can you notice from the pictures who this someone might be??



I have 2 things to say about this:

1. I wish I could get a haircut that caused me to look 40 lbs. lighter!!!
2. Both of my boys have hair that is in constant need of a cut- I really need to learn to use the clippers. I could be saving LOTS of money.
Happy Thursday!!


  1. Barney looks great! :) *wolf whistle*

  2. He looks SOO a different boy- her dog. lol :)

    I can't help it, i haven't even met him yet and I <3 Barney.

  3. sister you need to put your email on your profile! I keep trying to email you and it is a no-reply!

  4. I love that you also have a goldendoodle! Our Macey is almost 2 years old!


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