Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Athens Adventure

This weekend I took a photography class in Ashland (where my parents live) and I learned sooooo much about my camera and how to use many functions I did not know how to before. It was very informative and I enjoyed both days of it. I will be trying all the new tricks I learned and working on using the manual settings on my camera rather than the automatic ones. It will take some practice, but it allows for a little more creativity. While at the class I won a $15.00 gift certificate to, so I came home and FINALLY ordered C's 2 year pictures. I ordered about 50 prints in different sizes and papers and with my gift certificate, and free shipping card I only paid $38.00 for my order. I can't wait to see them and the quality. Julie, the photographer teaching the class highly recommended it so we will see. (They shipped same day, so they will be here soon!)

While we were in town we decided to take a day trip to Athens, OH to see my grandma and my mom's sisters. I do not see these lovely ladies as often as I would like so we loaded up the car and headed that way. My mom, my sister Jessica, my nephew, and Clark were all along for the ride. My grandma has recently sold her farm and moved in town to a condo. So it was a little strange not to go to the farm for the visit, but her condo is very nice and it includes a pool and playground. We did not hit up the pool, but attempted the playground. However, it was about 95 degrees with no shade, so we did not last long. We got to see my Aunt Jodie and Jennie. They both LOVE Clark so it was fun to see them interact with him. Being the good grandma that she is, Grandma had lots of fun toys for C to play with. He was very entertained and pretty well behaved.

We visited for a while, played on the playground and then headed to a little establishment called Larry's Dawg House for dinner. Clark enjoyed a healthy dinner of fries and ice cream. He enjoyed every bite. I might have had a butterscotch milkshake that was yummo!! But the most exciting part of the meal was this older man sitting behind us. He had a long white/grey beard and Clark thought he looked like a famous man we all know. The poor guy is sitting alone, casually enjoying a foot long when Clark announces "It's HO HO!!", He told everyone at the table, "Jennie, it's Ho Ho", Jessica, it's Ho, Ho", and so on. He told us ALL. It was HILARIOUS, I have no idea if the poor guy heard him, but I don't see how he didn't. Oh the joys of living with a 2 year old!!

After the meal, we went over to see my Aunt Jodie's new home and then headed back to Ashland in the rain. There was a terrible wreck that lead to a very interesting detour but finally got us home. It was a good weekend full of family time and I am so glad we went.

This week is full of working on my classroom, wagon rides, jammie wearing and soaking up the last few days of summer vacation. Speaking of, I have got some Elmo to watch with this cute little guy who is swinging a baseball bat at a tennis ball through my living room screaming "I pay golf!!", I had better go!! Enjoy the pictures from our family filled weekend.

Aunt Jennie & C. She LOVES this guy.

Kaden and Clark at Grandma's condo.

Clark on the super hot and steamy playground.

The girls of my mom's side of the family (minus Hannah & Jeannie)
Me, Grandma, Jodie, Jennie, Mom, & Jessica


  1. Glad you had a good time on this adventure, I know your Mom was so happy you got to do it! Stuart & I had some quality Father/Son time, and great relaxation!

  2. Thanks for adding me in there haha I feel so special. Sorry I missed out on girl day while im in CALI. haha Did clark take this picture?

  3. Absolutely love the photo of all the "girls"!


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