Sunday, May 2, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend it has rained and rained and rained! Friday we went out to dinner in Lexington for a friend's birthday. Clark of course was the only child, but he was quite good entertainment. We went to a Mexican restaurant and he ate an entire basket of chips and salsa. He then ate the remaining salsa with his spoon. He was quite a scene.

Saturday, my parents had been planning to come down to help me work in the yard. Stuart had to work and I had big plans for shrub removal, cutback and planting. Well...I did not plan for the lovely conditions. But let me tell you, that did not stop my momma! She was out in the rain with electric trimmers cutting the shrubs, trimmed a tree and pulled all the weeds. I followed behind her and bagged it all up. We are pretty sure all of our neighbors think we are super strange, but hey- I am not going to tell her no. She works hard for no pay! Can't beat that. Now our front landscaping looks great, and the weed garden is gone out back, so it was worth the strange stares. ha!

Check her out. Hard at work!!

Saturday night we went to a Derby party and out to dinner. I mean we had FREE childcare at home! So we might have taken advantage of that and stayed out much later than expected, but we enjoyed ourselves and I know C, mom and dad loved it too!

A quick garage pose at the Derby party.

Mom and Dad did not only provide me with free yard work this weekend, but they also brought Clark his birthday present a little early!! They got him the most adorable sand and water table. HE LOVED IT!! It is actually sitting in our living room (not filled!) until the rain stops. I don't want it to get washed away. I have a feeling it will be an everyday activity this summer. We can't wait!

Sunday, we went to church and my parents joined us. It was still raining and awful outside, but we made it there. We went to lunch afterwards, where C destroyed another basket of chips and salsa! After lunch we came home and decided to make the most of the rain. I put on his boots and raincoat and he played in the front yard. He thought it was so funny! After the romping around in the yard, we all three went to Lowe's and Kroger. It was a soggy trip, but we got it all done.

So, it was a wet weekend- but we enjoyed it! The next few are jam packed with weddings so it was good to be low key. HOWEVER- It is STILL RAINING, so we may need to go back to Lowe's tomorrow and get some lumber and build a boat! For now, enjoy the pics of my little man in the rain!


  1. Great pics - love that Barney is right there with Clark - does he like the new sand and water table too?


  2. LOVE your blog Abby! You're doing such a great job! Clark is adorable. I LOVE the rain-gear pics outside :)


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