Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Celebratory Weekend

This weekend was busy like every other weekend in the Snyder house. If we ever have a low key weekend, I feel like I am forgetting something and I cannot shake that feeling long enough to enjoy the calmness of the weekend! I love being busy though, I love going and doing with my boys. This weekend we did a lot of going and doing.

Friday night we went to MiMexico and ate dinner. This has become Clark's favorite place to go. As soon as we walked in he says "CHIPS!". We now have to ask for his own bowl of salsa. The child will destroy an entire basket while we are there. I have never seen anything like it...wait. Scratch that. I have, his daddy can put away the chips and salsa too. So I guess he comes by it naturally.

Saturday we went to the Louisville area for a wedding. Our friend Tyler married a lovely girl named Ashley and they were married Saturday night in an outdoor ceremony. We were so confident taking Clark because he was so well behaved at Amy's wedding last weekend. Well, Amy's wedding was indoors. This wedding was not! Clark thought we were outside to play. He was loud and ran around. Needless to say I had to take him inside during the ceremony and watch through the glass. It was an adorable wedding. I LOVED the color and decor. My camera died as soon as we got there (tear), but I did manage to play with the batteries all night and get a few good shots. We had a good time with Stuart's buddies. Clark fell in love with Sam's wife Liz. He did not want to come to me, only her. He was smitten. It was cute (but it did break my heart a little- I am not looking forward to real girlfriends.ha!). We stayed late and drove home that night. Clark was quite the trooper, even though he did not handle the ceremony well, he did great at the reception. He danced, ate ice cream and entertained us all.

Sunday was supposed to be take 2 of Clark's 2 year pictures. Well, they got rained out AGAIN! This is the second time. Hopefully we will get them done before he turns 3! So, because of the rain-out we were able to drive up to Chillicothe, OH for my grandma's 90th birthday party. It was a wild party let me tell you! Just kidding. It was nice though. The family threw her a surprise party. Most of our family and extended family was there. There was even a table of friends from her high school graduating class of 1936! YOWZA! My grandma was so happy we were there and that made the drive worth it. Clark was not very social, but he was well behaved. We stayed a few hours and then drove back home.

It was quite an exhausting weekend, full of car travel and celebrations. I enjoyed seeing our family and friends and very much enjoyed spending the entire weekend with my boys.


  1. I was first very impressed with such an early morning post. Then, though still impressed, I was struck with jealousy as I realized you probably have the day off for elections. That little Clark is so stinkin adorable and can I hire his personal shopper? Cause she's got some fashion sense! :0)

  2. Great pictures! Love wedding cake and colors. Your grandparents look so precious! How many school friends showed up? Sounds lie wonderful weekend, but I get tired reading about all you did.....just don't see how you get it all done. Mammy

  3. Great pictures!!! I feel you on the crazy weekends! You look wonderful Abby!


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