Friday, May 14, 2010

Books We Love!

Today over on Kelly's Korner -Show Us Your Life Friday her topic is FAVORITE BOOKS & CHILDREN'S BOOKS! I think she created this post for me. (not for her 6,000 plus other fans!ha!) So I am going to jump in and link up! I am also linking to another one of my favorites- The Other Mamma. She does a Friday Favorites, and I would say this post fits there too!

I LOVE children's books. I love to read, I love to read with my class and I love to read with my little man. He LOVES books and I am trying hard to instill a love of reading in him that will last his lifetime. Books are an awesome gift and can take you to so many places. My lifetime goal is to write a children's book- watch for it! :)

I have had a love for reading since I was a young girl. The first chapter book I can remember reading more than once is MATILDA by Roald Dahl. It is still on my top ten favorite children's books. I read it to my class every year that I taught 2nd grade. When I read it aloud to my students I read to them from the worn, yellow copy that I read over and over as a child. It is a special book to me!

In high school I loved To Kill a Mocking Bird by Harper Lee. It is a fabulous book that was assigned to me that I actually enjoyed reading. As I am writing this, I am thinking about how I should re-read it so that I can enjoy it all over again.

Since high school, I have fallen in love with many authors such as James Patterson, Nicholas Sparks,John Grishim, Jodi Picoult. I love a good vacation read and a book that takes little thought to read. I ADORE books that make me cry or books that have a mystery I have to solve. I don't read much non-fiction, but would someday like to add that genre to my list. But for now I enjoy a good love story that leaves me crying at the end! :) I have not had time to read a good book in a while. I just started 19 Minutes by Jodi Picoult and with my crazy schedule right now, I hope to finish it sometime this summer. I did however make time to jump on the ole' Twilight bandwagon this year (a little late, I know) and read all 4 books in a week and a half. They consumed my life and once I finished one I was scrambling to read the next. They sounded like NOTHING I would ever want to read, but I was hooked after about one chapter of book one!!

Clark my only be 23 months old, but he has many favorite books too. He loves anything from the Usborne "That's not My" line. A few of his favorites these days are That's Not My Train, That's Not My Pony & That's Not My Monster! He loves the touchy feely portions and he loves to find the mouse on every page! If you do not have any of these you need them!

The TOP 5 books I LOVE to read to Clark are:

I love the first three because like I said, I LOVE books that make me cry! Those really take all I have to hold back the tears. I have written in the covers and hope that one day he understands why mommy cries when she reads them. They are just so darn cute and so true to my emotions! I love the Animal Hide and Seek because I love that he can name all of the animals and he loves to find them, name them and make their sounds. I love The Very Hungry Caterpillar because it is one of my all time favorites and I love to hear him name the foods as we read!

I love this picture of him with the Very Hungry Caterpillar last summer at our local library! The children's section is to die for!!

Lastly, as a third grade teacher I have to make a list of books I LOVE to read aloud to my students. Those books would be:

Below is a picture of my favorite corner of my classroom filled with children's books! I have a growing collection and I love to share them with my kiddos!

This was fun! What do you like to read? What do you like to read to your children? If you teach, what do you like to read aloud to your students? Please share, because I am always looking for new ones.
Happy Reading!!


  1. My toddler son loves anything trains, cars, or trucks. His latest favorite is Toot Toot Zoom by Root.

  2. My little boys are also Usborne junkies. : ) LOVE Usborne! My Father's Dragon was a big hit in my classroom. Happy Weekend! Love your blog!

  3. Of course we love Usborne books! Current favorites are Touchy Feely ABC and 123, along with anything with the ducks - like Moving House. I'm also a big fan of the short Dr. Suess books!

  4. Great list of books! Thanks for sharing. Hope you have a WONDERFUL week!

  5. i have my fathers dragon on my list I had never heard of the dogs' life book thanks i will look for it asap.
    nice meeting you thru this blog hop feel free to visit me


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