Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Nice Day for a GREY Wedding

This weekend my dear friend Amy became a Mrs. I have known Amy since 2nd grade when we were neighbors. We were card carrying members of THE JR. CRIME BUSTERS, loved American Girl dolls and playing barbies. She was my friend even though I had a home permed mullet. We stayed friends throughout high school and then went to college together where we joined the same sorority. Amy has been there for me through so much. She stood up with me at my wedding and I was honored to be by her side at hers. She married a fabulous guy and they could not be cuter. I mean look at them... they could be models! :)

The wedding was in our hometown and we had a jam packed weekend of fun. I took a half day on Friday to pack, clean my house and get ready. Friday night was the rehearsal & rehearsal dinner. It was great to see everyone and to get to know the group of wild boys we would be spending the weekend with. My mom and dad kept Clark and Stuart and I enjoyed a lovely dinner with friends.

Saturday we had hair appointments at 9:00 am. I LOVED my hair. The girl that did it was super cute and she did a great job. My hair does not hold curl so I always wear it up. Every dance in high school and college and all the weddings I have been in I have worn it up. This time I wanted a change. So she tried it down. IT WORKED! I could not have been happier with it and SOOOO wish I had hair talents so I could do it on my own. She did such a good job my hair still feels a little crispy from hairspray 3 days and 2 washes later, BUT HEY!

As I said, I loved my hair and I loved the dresses. Miss Amy did a fine job on dress selection. My dress did become quite painful by the end of the night and I have a bruise to prove it. The boning in my dress broke in half on one side and poked me all night, but that was the least of my worries. What is one bruise for a wonderful weekend?

The bride was STUNNING as you can see in the pictures and so was the wedding. It could not have been any more perfect. I loved seeing my friends and I even got to meet baby Avery. My friend from college Erika had her sweet baby girl at the wedding. She is not even two months old. It was the first time many of us had seen her and she was extra sweet- I could have held her all night. Her new baby smell was intoxicating.

Clark too had a wonderful time at the wedding and was quite the scene. He looked so dapper in his little plaid pants! He sat with us at the wedding party table and jumped in the photo booth with the groomsmen and all their beer for some quick shots. He was a hoot! My mom and dad were there, so they took him home at a decent hour while Stuart and I danced the night away.

It was a fantastic time, I took so many pictures and loved hanging out with the girls. I know Mr. and Mrs. Grey will have a wonderful life together and I loved sharing in their special day! Below are some pictures from the day- there are hundreds more where these came from!


  1. Looks like it was a beautiful wedding and fun time for all!

  2. Too funny. I have met Amy through her friends from Georgetown - Brooke, Michelle, and Erin! Small world. :)

  3. How funny! I owe this whole blog obsession to Erin! She got me hooked! Love those girls too!


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