Friday, May 28, 2010

Taste of Two

Yesterday I had my taste of what having more than one child was like. First of all I drove 3 boys to our Academic Team pool party after school. On the way there we stopped at Clark's babysitter to get my big guy. He was so excited when he got in the car and there were 3 boys waiting for him! He showed off all his tricks for them. He pointed out all of the things he knew on the way. He pointed out all the buses, cars, fire trucks, houses, even the grass. The boys kept laughing at him and he loved it. However, I did learn how hard it was to drive when 4 boys are talking to you at the same time. They were so funny. I had to turn the radio off to concentrate on the road! ha! It was quite an eye opener. So kudos to all of you who transport lots of kids around all of the time. Clark loved the pool party. He got to hang out with 4th and 5th graders, he ate 2 pieces of pizza and even tried a little Sprite! (shhhh!).

After the pool party our friend Jack came over to play! Jack's mom Ginny was awarded Teacher of the Year and got to attend an awards program, so Jack got to come hang out with the Snyders! This was my second taste of having more than one child. The boys were so much fun and played very nicely together. Clark felt the need to show Jack around and introduce him to all his toys. Stuart and I loved watching them together. Jack even let me rock him to sleep! Clark used to let me do that every night, but now he wants nothing of it! It was so sweet to hold a baby for longer than 5.2 seconds. We enjoyed the visit with Jack and this just made me more excited for this summer knowing there will be many Jack play dates and we can't wait!

Enjoy the pictures from our evening!

Stuart attempting to wrangle both boys!

" Hey Jack, if you are not going to eat that I will!"

No food is safe around Clark!

Two cute boys! (I am thinking another would be fun!)

Our buddy Jack!

Fridge magnets were a huge hit!


  1. Love the pics! I think Clark needs a little brother... ha, ha ;-) Hope you guys have a great 3 day weekend!

  2. I agree with Chandra! :) I'm thinking Clark needs a little brother. I'm so glad he had such a big time with Jack.

  3. I think the idea of a little brother (or sister!) is a good one! :0) Two is a lot of work, but FUN and of course, more rewarding than it is painful. lol


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