Thursday, April 12, 2012

Our Spring Break.

Spring Break this year was very relaxed- well as relaxed as life with three kids three and under can be! We had a great week with not much on the agenda. Stuart was home with us all week and we decided if someone paid us we could get use to the at home all day schedule. We slept in late, ate all three meals together and took a few family trips- I even read TWO books! (Yes, I gave in a read the Hunger Games series and I really enjoyed it- now who will go see the movie with me??) We spent a lot of time at our new spot. "Our spot" is the playground a mile from our house and we have loved making the walk in the evenings. The weather was perfect- even the rainy day provided a great day for naps, puzzles and dinosaur making. Our lives have been so hectic lately and this week of unplanned activities was just what we needed. I was also in DC the week before with my 5th graders (post about that soon) and of course missed my babies so it was a week of loving on them and just enjoying our time together.

Swinging with my littles at "our spot".

My boys showing some teamwork.

The walk to "our spot" is like NyQuill for babies.

We took LOTS of naps.

 We took a family trip to Lowe's.

We took a trip to the zoo!
 Clark was very into checking out the animals.

 Me and all my crew.

 These two enjoyed their first trip to the zoo!! They were soooo good!

These two LOVE the "phants".

 C was such a good boy we let him ride the carousel on the way out.
He enjoyed it so much!

 Me and my sweet boy.

 Oh this face!!!

 The zoo wore everyone out!

These guys had seen all they could.

C had his first sleep over.
He stayed all night with is friend Jack and loved every minute of it.
(Gah- He looks SO BIG!)


We watched our WILDCATS win the National Title!

We just had a week full of these sweet faces.

I loved it. I am ready for summer break. SOOOOO ready for summer break. We are hoping to take the crew to the beach, enjoy our neighborhood pool, and do a whole lot of other outside, family fun things. Until then I am going to enjoy the days with my 5th graders, make it through state testing and soak up the
evenings with my sweeties. 5 more weeks!!


  1. Yes! Summer Break hurry up! You have some of the cutest kiddos!

  2. They are getting so big! Looks like a great break. Summer is just a few weeks away!

  3. Looks like a blast! An entire week of family fun sounds magical right about now!

  4. so fun! glad you all had a great week. and that is AWESOME your hubby was home too! How nice! I love the pic of sarah kate and C!

  5. We took our kids to the zoo for the first time over Spring Break too! So fun!

  6. So glad you guys had awesome week!

  7. What kind of side-by-side stroller do you have? What do you like/dislike about it? We still don't have one and I just CANNOT choose one!

  8. BTW, Abby I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award on my last post. I know my other friends will love reading your stories :) oh yeah, and I grabbed your button. I hope you are having a fabulous Tuesday.


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