Monday, April 30, 2012

Everyone's A Winner!

Clark is a very good helper. He usually does a lot around the house such as feeding the dog, diaper fetching- who am I kidding ANYTHING fetching, and things like that. I have been saying that I wanted to have some sort of behavior reward system for him and we FINALLY started one and have been using it more consistently than we have in the past.

This time I bought the Melissa & Doug brand responsibility chart and we love it. It is magnetic and easy to use. Yes, I could make my own. No, I do not have time or energy at night so I bought it. He has 6 daily tasks on the chart this month.
1. Feed the Dog.
2. Take A Bath (no whining)
3. Brush Your Teeth (no whining)
4. Get Yourself Dressed
5. Go to Bed at Bedtime (no whining)
6. Stop Whining (This means if anything throughout the day causes whining, he gets one warning to stop, if he does not stop he does not earn his magnet.)

Like I said, the chart is magnetic and there are many more options as he gets older or used to keeping track, but these are the six we started with. He is doing GREAT. He loves reviewing them each night with his daddy at bedtime. We have had some last minute 8:00 pm dog bowl filling and tooth brushing, but he is getting the hang of it. It has done a great job keeping him accountable. Each week when he earns all his magnets he gets to pick a prize. Sometimes I have had toys or trinkets, but we usually talk about it on the weekend what we are working for each week. This week it is HUGE- Power Ranger macaroni and cheese, from a box, from Big Lots, it cost me $0.75. HE IS PUMPED!

A few weeks ago he asked if his reward could be a trip to Orange Leaf. Ummmmm, yes please!! Everyone wins!OL is one of my favorite places so of course we obliged and we might have worked a little harder to make sure he earned all his magnets. :) ha! After we picked him up from the sitter we piled in the car and had a froyo dinner. It was extra tasty and I am hoping he picks this reward at least once a month. Don't think I will not be suggesting it!!

Here are some pictures from our family outing celebrating our BIG BOY being such a good boy!


The Sassy One.

The Momma's Treat.

The Momma and The Bald One.

The Momma and The Sassy One.

The Daddo, The Big Boy & The Sassy One- being sassy.

So this week the Friday night dinner plans at our house include Power Ranger mac and cheese. Sounds easy to me! We will see if all magnets are earned!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day! Its great to "meet" ya! :) I look forward to reading your blog! You have a beautiful family!


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