Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Duo- 7 months

7 months. SEVEN MONTHS!! We are getting closer and closer to one year and I can hardly believe it. I don't know if we are so busy or what but time is flying!

This month has been a little stressful as we have been worried about them not gaining weight. I mentioned in THIS POST about the fact that at their 6 month checkup Shep lost a few ounces and SaraKate only gained 6 oz. Because of this we have been on "Operation Baby Beef Up". We have been doing nothing but feeding these babies. We have introduced lots of solids and they are eating three solid meals a day and nursing/taking bottles 4 or 5 times a day. We took them back yesterday for a weight check and since the 6 month appointment Shepard has gained 6 oz and SK 10oz. This is only a 2 oz gain for the big boy since his four month appointment.
SO...Our doc wants us to try adding some formula. I just don't know what to do. They are happy, they are content, they are sleeping 12 hours at night. They do not act like hungry babies. He wants us to give them 3 oz formula bottles after they nurse in the morning. He also wants me to replace one bottle of my milk with 6 oz of formula at the sitter to see if this helps them gain. I understand. I want them to be healthy, but I am not convinced this is the answer. They are to add this to their daily routine and go back in 2 weeks for another weight check.

I have been reading online. YES, I know that can be dangerous. HA! But, I have read from credible sources like HERE that it is normal for bf babies to grow quickly from birth to 4 months and then very normal for them to slow down at 4 months.  So, I have a huge knot in my stomach. I just cannot decide what to do. I have asked my "friends" on IG, I have posted on the twin club message board and I am now posting on here. I just can't stop thinking about it. Wonder what this stress is doing for my supply? ohjeez!
So, we tried giving them formula after they ate this morning and they were full, it was different, they wanted nothing to do with it. Today I am heading to the store to buy Yo Baby yogurt, avocados and anything else high fat and baby friendly I can think of. Do you have any tips?

Other than the feeding frenzy this month they have done all kinds of other great things and continue to make our lives fun, wild and crazy!

Here are the stats of our little ones this month:


Shepard- 13lbs. 14 oz. (5.1 at birth)

Sara Kate- 14lbs 13 oz. (5.11 at birth)

Shepard: 26.5 inches (up from 17 at birth)

Sara Kate: 27 inches (up from 18 at birth)

Diaper Size:
Shepard: Size 3
(barely- only because we were out of 2s. We moved up to 3s. We have still not had to buy any diapers!)

Sara Kate: Size 3

Clothing Size:

Shepard: 3-6 month and 6 months.

Sara Kate: mostly 6 months but I have been washing some 9 month summer stuff because it is HOT.

They are doing great. We have a routine, and it is working. School is out in 20 days and I will be home all summer so this routine will change but it works for now. They are getting sleepy around 6:45. We are putting them in their sleep sacks, giving them 6 oz bottles,  and then putting them to bed in their cribs when they are done. SK was not a fan of the crib at first. We had to let her cry a little at first or rock her and then lay her down, but we stuck to it (yay us!) and now they both lay down awake and are soon sleeping! We do replace dropped pacis some nights, but they typically sleep 12 hours or until we wake them to eat in the morning.  I am so thankful for the video monitor as they are upstairs now, but I am glad to have them in their cribs.

SEE ABOVE. I am worn out from talking about feeding. :)
They are eating. They are loving it. They are not gaining. Decision time.

Someone LOVES puffs.

 Someone is not quite sure how to pick them up yet. poor buddy.
They have added MumMums, puffs and frozen waffles to their menu.
Our schedule looks something like this:
6:00 am: Nurse

9:30-10:00 am Bottles at the sitter's house, oatmeal and fruit
1:00 pm Bottles at the sitter's house & two cubes of food each (I pump at school)

4:30-5:00 pm Nurse after school

5:30 pm- Two and a half cubes of food each

7:00 pm 6 oz bottle before bed
10:00 pm ish- I pump before I go to bed.

Well, buddy you may not have gained much weight this month but you sure have gained so much personality! You are such an easy going boy. There is not much that gets you upset. You have a smile that is showstopping. You have been talking up a storm. You babble all the time. You do a whole lot of da da da da da and your daddy thinks you are talking to him. I just love hearing your little voice. You do so great sleeping in your own bed! You have been known to talk yourself to sleep and snuggle your lovey. You are working on sitting up, but you are starting to roll all over the place. You are likely to watch and take it all in and then tell us all about it. You love to eat all fruits and are still not 100% sold on those darn veggies!

Sister, you are a wild woman. You are EVERYWHERE these days. You do not stay in one spot for very long. You roll all across the floor and get stuck in some pretty funny places. You sit up in your rock and play and pull up in your car seat. If you are not strapped in, watch out world! You might have even rolled off the bed this month teaching us just how mobile you really are. yikes! You have almost mastered the whole idea of sitting up. You can do it unassisted for quite a long time if you choose to. You love to eat and we have not found much that you do not like. You are quite the charmer, you like things your way, and you can be cranky when you are tired. Yes, that is right young lady- you are me made over! ha! :)

 Happy 7 months sweeties!!!


  1. Sweet beautiful babies.

    Ok, I'm like you on the feeding thing. They ARE growing, no matter how much and that's all my pedi worries with. I wonder if you should seek a 2nd opinion.

    The girls were 8 months on the 12th. We haven't had a weight check at the doc since fen but based on that weight plus their clothes and diaper sizes, I'm saying Elissa weighs 24-25 pounds. She weighed 22 in feb, is wearing 12-24 month clothes and size 4 diapers, but should be in size 5. ThIs is extreme to me because Bailey was in 5's at potty training.

    Ellie weighs about 15 pounds and wears size 2 diapers, and mostly 6 months with some 6-9 months. She is so teeny tiny that it makes Ellie look huge. But she has always gained something, even if just a little each visit so the pedi doesn't worry.

    They take 3-4 bottles of formula with rice daily and eat 3 big meals a day. They usually sleep 12 hours at night.

    I'm going to see about getting you in touch with a lady who has 11 month old twins and is going through this with one of her's. Doc says add something to help promote weight gain but she doesn't think they need it.

  2. They are little peanuts! I love tiny babies, but I understand your concern, and adding formula can be stressful! I wish I had more advice for you. The Duo is as CUTE as ever! I especially love the picture of little miss with that sassy look on her face:)

  3. Abby they are precious. Love seeing pictures of them. As for their weights. They appear to be happy growing babies. I did quit pumping but still give Livy james my stored milk..she gets half bm half formula in all her bottles and cash actually switched to all formula bc i noticed that he was doing lots better with his reflux when he had all formula bottle. He has to have cereal in his bottles.... And he ia gaining like crazy. Lj is gaining much slower. Actually had to take him to the doc this week and he told me I was over feeding him!!! Ugh! He was 12 lb 10 oz and 16 weeks old. Lj is hovering around 10 likely.

    Have you thought about just adding cereal to their breast milk bottles? That would add extra calories. Cash has always gained faster than lj but has had to have cereal in every bottle since he was 2 weeks old. It's a thought. I do 1tsp per ounce but you could do more than that bc bm is so thin it takes a lot to thicken it up

  4. They are so sweet. I know you are concerned about their weight. Don't stress though, they are happy and healthy! I am sure you will figure out the answer and they will start to catch up! I can tell you that Laurelei was always small. She wasn't on the charts for 3 years, only now jumping into the 5th percentile. Our doctor was always pretty laid back about it, just asking what we were feeding her and how often and if she was often sick or spitting up. He just watched her closely like it sounds your doctor is and things worked out. She was only 9lbs at her 4 months check up, and close to 12 I'd say at her 6 months. She didn't grow a ton at a time, but we figured out a schedule and she made small gains overtime. She is just fine! I don't have a lot of advice, other than to say just keep feeding them and take it a day at a time, you are doing the right thing!! And they couldn't be cuter! I mean seriously, those smiles are killing me! :)

  5. By no means am I an expert but my twins turn one on May 9th, and their weights are 18.6 and 17.3...your much younger babies are not that much smaller for the age difference!!! We are regular calorie formula takers and baby food eaters. We see a neonatologist (because we were 8 weeks premature) and our regular pediatrician, and neither has expressed concerns about the twins weight. We (doctors and parents alike) realize the babies are small though!!! Someone mentioned a second opinion, and I might seek one as well! In an already TOO stressful world, it is not fair for you to have to be stressing so much over their weight gain when as you say they are satisfied, sleeping, happy, and healthy!!!

  6. First of all, your children are beautiful. Secondly, no one knows those sweet babies better than you. trust yourself to know their needs. I'm certainly not saying for go all your pedi's advice- but trust your own instincts as well. My Olivia has always been tiny. She weighed 12lbs at 4 mos.; 19lbs at a year and 23lbs today (25mos.) She can still wear size 9 months. She's just a little girl. Our pedi has never been too concerned with her weight. She says that because Olivia has always hovered around the 5th percentile that this is just her normal. I'm sure it's the same for your little ones. They look perfect, and I believe that you would know in your heart if something were wrong. If the don't seem hungry then they probably aren't and I see no reason to over feed a baby that is not showing signs of hunger. Most importantly, if you are not comfortable with something your pedi is asking you to do- don't do it. Trust that the Lord has equipped you with everything you need to be able to take care of those babies. You'll know when/if they need something more. Praying.

  7. How did their appointment go today?


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