Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter- Snyder Style.

Easter at our house was a great event. We enjoyed the day celebrating with family. I love the fact that Clark is starting to understand the concept of holidays and their true meaning. Yes, we enjoy the baskets, egg hunts, and bunny ears, but my goal is that our children truly appreciate the real reason we are celebrating. My prayer is that we do a good job as their parents teaching them about the sacrifice our Savior made to save our lives and how on this day we celebrate the fact that He has risen. We did read the Easter story before bed and talk about it but I will admit explaining how Jesus rose from the dead is not an easy concept for a 3 year old. It was a great conversation, but not sure how much he really got. I know one day he will.

This was of course the duo's 1st Easter so we got some fun shots like the one below. They were not huge fans of the bunny ears, but mommy was.

Clark and I did enjoy coloring eggs. This also allowed for some discussion about new life and the reason for the season. I just LOVE this age. I know I've said that about 100 different stages, but he is so funny and such a little sweetheart. He did such a good job with the eggs and I love getting a little one -on -one with my big guy.

He wanted every egg to be "wildcat blue".

On Easter Sunday we barely made it to church on time. (Like that is different than any other Sunday! ha!) I was very glad to see that Stuart's parents were there on time and saved us a row. It was crowded, as Easter service usually is and we cause quite the scene with our little traveling circus side show. I bet we were in and out of that sanctuary 4 times. But like I said, Stuart's parents and brother were there so it was nice to worship with them.

After church we had lunch reservations at our neighborhood restaurant and enjoyed that very much. Have I mentioned that we LOVE our new neighborhood and we LOVE the fact that there is a restaurant a few blocks away with a patio!?! FYI- That is where you will find us this summer.

Mac & Cheese was not even on the Easter buffet. This kid know how to pull some strings.

The little brother taking notes from big brother during lunch.

Me and my tiny guy.

After lunch we hid eggs in the backyard and Clark had SOOOOO much fun. You would have thought that there was gold in the eggs when it was only pennies, jelly beans and one lucky egg had a whole dollar bill. He was running all over the place and we got a kick out of watching him go.

Grammy and Grandpa Snyder and our troops.
It was an eventful weekend filled with family and this momma took about 500 pictures. Tried not to saturate this post with too many, but dang these kids are so cute! :)



  1. What a good looking family! :)

  2. Cutest little bunnies, love all of their Easter duds! If you have any tips for how to share the real meaning of easter with a preschooler let me know. Everything I thought of seemed above L's head!

  3. I would have dinner with my husband – no kids whining and complaining about what we are having, but some peace, quiet, and maybe a glass of wine.

  4. Nothing wrong with lots of photos! :)

  5. Nothing wrong with lots of photos! Looks like a fun Easter at your house! :)


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