Monday, April 9, 2012

Getting Smaller??

The twins had their 6 month checkup a few weeks ago and as always I get excited to see just how much they have grown and hear their stats. I do not look forward to the shots part, but the other parts are not so bad. We have a great doc and he never makes me feel silly for all my questions and he has a 3 year old and twins so I feel like he has been there and knows what I am talking about. That helps.

We had not been to the doctor since our 4 month appointment and I just knew they were growing and were going to be about 15 lbs each. However, we learned that Shepard had lost 7 oz and SaraKate had only gained 6 oz since last time. WHAT?!? They both grew about 2 inches each, but they are not gaining. This worried me. I did not think they were getting smaller!

We talked to the doctor about it and he showed some concern. I had to talk to him about how often and how much they were eating. I honestly did not think there was a problem because they are satisfied. They eat and do not whine or cry for more and go about 4 hours between each feeding. They are sleeping all night long and I did not see a problem.  BUT apparently my children have learned to "eat to sustain" (I know they did not learn this from me) instead of eating to grow.  So we are now having to make sure when they take a bottle that it is at least 6 oz and when they stop nursing I offer it again just to make sure they will not eat any more. They are also eating 3 meals of solids a day. I am making my baby food and freezing it in ice cube trays and I was giving them one cube at each meal. Now he wants us to give them 2 cubes each per meal- doubling. So, pretty much we are feeding them ALL.DAY.LONG.

I guess she does not like taking turns.

We go back this week for a weight check and I am just hoping to show some growth. I know that his next suggestion will be to supplement with formula and I was really hoping to avoid that. We have made it 7 months without it so we will see. I know this is not a grave health concern, but it has been on my mind. We spent all of Spring Break on "Operation Baby Beef-Up" and I hope it is working.

My sleepyheads at breakfast.

Our feeding schedule looks something like this:
5:30 AM: Nurse
9:00 AM: Nurse if home or Bottle at Sitter
10:00 AM: Oatmeal/Cereal and Fruit
1:00 PM: Nurse or Bottle at Sitter
2:00 PM: Solids - Usually a fruit and veggie
5:00 PM: Nurse
6:00 PM: Solids- Usually a fruit and veggie
7:00 PM: Nightcap Nurse before bed.

We are even LOVING Mum Mums.

They have been doing great. Eating whatever we put in front of them- well, kind of. Shepard would much rather eat fruit and tends to get teary when I make him eat his veggies (just like his big brother). But other than that they are doing well. I just hope this baby beef-up program is working and we get a good report when we go back this week.

I have lots more to blog about like Spring Break, Easter, Zoo Trip, 5th grade Trip to DC, but this is on my mind.  Hope y'all are having a GREAT Monday!!


  1. :) well they are just precious! All 3 of them are sweet as can be. Their weight will increase dramatically with that feeding Keep some mylicon drops on hand ;)

  2. I totally know how stressful that is! Connor did that when he was much younger and we had to go in for weekly (sometimes even twice a week) weight checks. And then we realized I wasn't making enough milk. You're doing amazingly! =) And they are ridiculously adorable!

  3. Bless your momma heart! I know that worrying about one babies weight is stressful. I can't imagine two! I'm sure with that new feeding schedule your going to have some chubby little ones soon!

  4. I am sure it is working! They will be bigger, I just know it. And we are loving mum-mums over here too! Those things were my favorite with L and are certainly a carseat life saver with Abbott too!

  5. I just heard about Mum Mums! I must get those to try!! I can't believe that! It's crazy! I feel like they are eating a lot! I am so nervous about this whole food thing. I just feel like I am over-feeding! ah! And to make it 7 months with BF...that is so amazing! Good for you! For someone like me, I have no idea how you do it!

  6. Oh my word!!! They are sooooo darn cute! I hope they are gaining are such a trooper breastfeeding! So glad they have done well and hope you can continue.

  7. I feel the exact same way about feeding them all day! I'm sure they will start gaining soon! It's so hard to plan/prepare meals for four! You're a rockstar to BF for so long and adding in solids will do the trick!


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