Friday, April 20, 2012

InstaFriday Take:1

I have a lot to blog about. But it is Friday and my mind is mush. So, I am linking up with another twin momma at Life Rearranged  for InstaFriday. Since giving up Facebook for Lent I became quite addicted to Instagram. I had no idea when I started using the app to edit pictures that I would find it so much fun. Since then I have found about 35 other twin moms, other bloggers, and real life friends. I have said if all my friends would join IG I could get rid of my facebook account because the pictures are the only reason I am on Facebook. I love keeping up with all my friends through sweet pictures of their kiddos and their lives.

So on this Friday I am going to do a photo dump and share some of my IG pictures from this week. You may see these pictures again with an actual post, if you follow me on IG you have already seen them and if you want to follow me on IG my user name is snyderstories.

life rearranged


1 comment:

  1. Visiting from Insta-Friday! Your kiddos are precious:) I'm loving your blog and I'm excited to follow along...I'm especially loving that your song is our first dance song! Happy Friday!


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