Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Second Santa Sighting

Last Saturday was C's second encounter with the big guy in the red suit this year. He talked about it all morning and was very excited to remind Santa that he expects would love to have trains on Christmas morning. Our MOPS group hosted a cookies with Santa event. We got to sit with Santa and Mrs. Claus and without the hassle of long lines and with the added bonus of enjoying some cookies while we waited. This is our third year at this event and this year he was so much fun and is really starting to understand the whole idea of Santa which makes it all the more fun. I really can't wait to see his little face on Saturday morning if Santa really does bring him trains! :) Here is my guy the last 3 years. Think he has grown???

Clark December 2008- 6 months

Clark December 2009- 18 months

Clark December 2010- 30 months

He really is much more excited for Santa than he lets on in the picture! This must be his serious face. Today alone I am pretty sure he told me at least 5 times that "Santa come to my house on Friday". Speaking of Friday Stuart's parents and brother are coming to our house on Friday to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I am cooking my first holiday dinner and I am pretty excited about it- I will keep you posted if I continue to remain excited and on how this goes. Today was our FIFTH snow day of the year so with no school I was able to get lots done around here AND take a nap- I mean Clark and Barney were both napping so I thought I would join them. I may not have showered, or been outside the house but I would call today a successful one and I am sooooo glad to be on break.

On the agenda tomorrow- GET MY KID A HAIRCUT! Pictured below you will notice the lovely beginnings of a mullet. Something must be done!


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