Monday, December 13, 2010

Christmas Card Reveal

I have mentioned before that not much makes me happier than getting mail. So the Christmas season is like a perma-high for me. I love all aspects of it, but I LOVE going to the mailbox each day to see the fun Christmas cards. I especially love the cards with adorable pet pictures, vacation photo cards and cards with your cute kids on them. I display them as long as I can get away with it and equally love sending my own.  This year I used Shutterfly again and was more than thrilled with the outcome!
Not only are they adorable, but they were FREE! Yes, you heard that right. Free for blogging about them. They were $1.79 each for 50 but because of this awesome deal I got them free & it is my favorite card I have sent yet! I thought this card was perfect because I take so many pictures of Clark throughout the year.


Thank you SHUTTERFLY. As if I needed another reason to love you even more!
And thanks to this snow day I now have them all addressed and ready to send!!


  1. Love and LOVE! I missed that design! Too stinkin' cute!

    Glad you were able to figure it out before I got back to you - did you mail it to shutterflyprojects(@) I couldn't remember when I mailed my post! HA!

  2. Love your card! Look at how much he has changed over the year! I hope I get one! Mammy


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