Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mother's Day.

This weekend was a big one around here as we celebrated The Derby and Mother's Day. Saturday we had a great afternoon with friends watching The Kentucky Derby. However, my picks; Twinspired & Twice The Appeal (loved those twin themed names!) did not win me big bucks it was a great day.

Today we made a short trip to Dayton OH, to eat lunch with my family. Yes, Dayton. My brother who lives at Martha's Vineyard was in a wedding in Dayton this weekend and since we have not seen him since Christmas we were very excited to make the trip. My mom and dad came and they stopped and picked up my grandma too. So it was a wonderful day with most of the important people in my life. I was a happy girl. We enjoyed a long wait and a long lunch at The Cheesecake Factory and ate wayyyyy too much. (which was kind of exciting for me because this was my second Zofran free day and I have not been sick once! Fingers crossed that the sickness part of this pregnancy may be coming to a close.)  The ride back and fourth was a nice way to spend some time with my boys. I really do love them so much and might have gotten a little emotional on the ride home just realizing how big and how smart my little guy is getting. I do love being his momma and I am so thankful that I was chosen to do so. Before I start crying again, here are some pictures from our day.

The best family photo we could manage.

A little bubble blowing to keep C entertained while we waited.

Me and my little bro.
We LOVE you Lance.

Me and Lance with our Grandma Carolyn.

Uncle Lance loves him some Clark.

I could not love these women any more.
My momma and my grandma.

Me and Grandma C.


  1. You look great, Miss Abby! Happy Mother's Day - times three for you ;)

  2. LOVE this post! Got a little emotional too. :) You are so blessed. Beautiful family. :) Love you all!

  3. Wonderful post! Your family is so blessed to have you! Can you just imagine Mother's Day next year....WOW

  4. LOVE that you have a bump! So glad you had a good weekend!

  5. Wasn't it a great weekend?? While I loved having the Derby and Mother's Day on the same weekend, it sure was busy!

    You look great!

  6. You look great! What an exciting time for your family!


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