Monday, May 30, 2011

20 week update.

The Snyder Duo: WEEK 20
Maybe by the end of this pregnancy I will have this taking pictures
 of myself in the mirror thing down. I just feel sooo silly!

Baby Size: According to my sources the babies are about the size of small cantaloupes. They are about 6.5 inches long and weigh about 10.6 oz. We will find out TOMORROW if this is true.

Weight Loss/Gain: At my last appointment I was +3 lbs. I have been eating this week with no sickness and I have been eating quite a bit so I am guessing it has gone up... We shall see.

Maternity Clothes: A mix. Mostly maternity pants and my much adored gaucho pants and a mix of tops.

Sleep: I sleep pretty well. I am most comfortable on my side, but switch sides a lot during the night. Because I am no longer dehydrated I am back to getting up SEVERAL times during the night to go potty.

Symptoms: I have been feeling very good this week. I have been eating, taking my Zofran and have had lots of energy. Even if this does not last long- it has been nice to have a break from all the sickness. We took a 3 hour car ride to my grandma's on Saturday and it was tough to find a comfortable position for the entire time. I think I was making someone uncomfortable in one position and they let me know it with some jabs to the ribs!

Movement: Yes. I have felt flutters and some distinct movement. On the way to my grandparents' house Stuart and I both got to feel one of them!!  Like I said, one position I was sitting in caused a lot of movement on my right side. You could see and feel it. Stuart was driving and I made him feel too. It was very cool. However, I have not felt much from the other little one so I am SO excited to see them both tomorrow, find out just exactly where they both are hanging out in there and see them moving all around!

Best Moment This Week:
Feeling so much movement! I loved it so much.
We also went to Pottery Barn Kids Outlet this weekend on the way home from my grandma's and I bought a diaper bag! I know that is not that exciting, but I got one that I had been eyeing. I got a Petuina Picklebottom Boxy Backpack and I had been checking them out online and had not convinced myself to spend the money. I need a new one since the one from C is worn out. I knew I wanted a fairly large one and a nice one that would hold up. So after much deliberation I broke down and bought it. It was an extra 25% off and that helped. My friend Tia was the biggest help. I did use my phone a friend option before purchasing it for someone to give me the green light to buy it and she did! She has one and LOVES it and reminded me that it was a good deal and I was carrying TWO babies.  :) THANKS TIA!!!

Food Cravings: This week I have been all about chips! Chips of all kinds. I have also be guzzling the water. The more ice the better. I would love to have a cup of Sonic ice and water in my hands all day long.

What I Miss: I still miss Jazzercise and beer. :) Not that I am a HUGE beer drinker, but we did have a impromptu backyard cookout yesterday at a friends house and it was HOT. Everyone had a nice cold beer. One would have been nice- but I survived! :)

Looking Forward To: TOMORROW AT 3:00!!!!!!
Tomorrow is our big ultrasound. I am very anxious to see these guys. I am excited to find out if they are boys, girls or both! I am excited to learn all I can about them. I have a list of questions and I am surely going to need a box of kleenex. I would appreciate all your prayers that we learn great things about them and that they are both healthy and strong. My biggest concern is that. I just hope they both are thriving and they are looking good! I just cannot wait to see them again!!! :)


  1. You look great! And I love your Petunia Picklebottom! Can't wait to hear about your appointment!

  2. Lookin' good, Abs! Can't wait for the reveal!!!! Good luck :)

    PS. I think 2 girls!!!!

  3. Love the diaper bag! And can't wait to find out what you are having- have fun at your appointment!

  4. You are very welcome, Abby! I'm glad you got your diaper will not be disappointed. By the way, you look AMAZING! I can't wait to find out what your little peanuts are!!

  5. Aww. They're little cantaloupes! Too cute! Can't wait to find out the sex - good luck!!!

  6. What a cute bump you have, you're tiny!! Good luck at your ultrasound, I can't wait to see your next update!
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