Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keepin' It Real.

I know I am blessed beyond measure and I thank GOD everyday for it all- however today was a rough one. I am kind of in the rambling mood and I feel completely sorry for my friend Mindy and our sitter Mrs. Bonnie because they got the brunt of my pity party today and for that I apologize. I love you both for ALWAYS listening. So just in case you want to listen too- here goes.

Here are a few things on my mind:

1. Today was Election Day and the kiddos did not have to come to school- HOWEVER the teachers did have to report and we spent the day deconstructing standards. Let me tell you that was FUN TIMES.

2. I have recently lost a few followers and I know that MANY of you are teachers and are hoping for more teacher related posts, but we have 8 days of school left and although I am going to miss my kiddos terribly I am SOOOO ready for summer and the only school related things I can think about are packing up my room and mentally preparing for next year.

3. O YEAH- Next year. I found out on Sunday night that I will be teaching 5th grade next year. 5TH GRADE. I am not really sure what to expect- 5th grade is not something I NEVER wanted to do- at the beginning of this year I requested to be considered for 1st grade (mostly because I LOVE reading all of your adorable 1st grade blogs and want to be like you!) HOWEVER- once I learned that I was expecting twins I quickly retracted that request. 1st grade is such a HUGE learning curve and I am not sure that I would be able to put the time and energy in those little ones with three little ones of my own. SOOOO 5th grade it is.

5th Grade PROS:
  • I will be taking over the position of the retiring teacher who will be doing my long term sub. She is retiring this year and will be coming back to take over for me once I have these babies. How convenient is that? (Also she is the lovely lady I student taught with and someone I feel 100% comfortable leaving my kiddos with)
  • I have already had many of the upcoming 5th graders when they were in 3rd grade. Which will make relationship building much easier as I will be out having babies.
  • I will be teaching English/Language Arts. So I will be planning ONE lesson and doing it three times a day. This will be nice with two babies and a toddler at home. - I HOPE.
  • I LOVE the 5th grade team. One of my best friends is the Social Studies teacher and the math teacher is so much fun and outstanding.
  • 5th grade takes a week long trip to Washington D.C. that I am so excited to be part of!
  • I am ready for a change.
  • I am sure there are PLENTY more.
5th Grade CONS:
  • I have to move rooms.
  • I have a HUGE closet and will be moving to a room with NO closet. I have become so accustomed to the closet- HOW WILL I SURVIVE?
  • 5th graders are BIG & SMELLY. Will the love me? Will they color me pictures? Will they give me hugs? Will they tell me I look pretty on days when I have dirty hair and wrinkled clothes? That part makes me a little nervous.
  • A LOT more grading and scores.
  • I am sure there are PLENTY more.
Overall, I am very excited about the change and hope to get everything moved, set up and ready but all while carrying two babies and chasing another.  I know that people do it all the time- BUT CAN I??

4. (TMI alert) I have not kept ANYTHING down in 3 days. I am exhausted and so tired of throwing up. I love these sweet babies sooooooo much but I am so over throwing up. I am thinking that I am so exhausted because the babies are getting NO FOOD and are draining my body of all it has to offer which is wearing this momma out. I will be calling the doctor tomorrow. I know it is bad when Clark yells at me this morning "Momma- stop frowing up in my bathroom". I am so sorry buddy! So sorry. Believe me.

5. It was like 45 degrees today. IT IS MAY. 45 degrees REALLY?!?!

6. 14 MORE DAYS UNTIL I GET TO SEE THESE BABIES. I have my BIG ultrasound on the 31st and I am over the moon excited to get a glimpse of the duo and hopefully they will be big, strong and healthy and show us their genders. 14 more days. 14 more days. 14 more days. Hopefully seeing them I will forget about how badly I have felt recently.


8. This guy is mine.

9. So is this guy:

10. And they both love me no matter how bad I feel, how much I throw up, what grade I teach or how long the day is and for that I am thankful. VERY THANKFUL.

If you read this whole post bless your heart! I just needed to ramble, get it out and now it is time for GLEE followed by bedtime. I hope you have a WONDERFUL WEDNESDAY- thanks for listening.


  1. I don't know if I have PMS or what, but #10 made me tear up a bit!!!!

    And, I so agree that 5th graders are big and smelly - at least to a lowly little 1st grade teacher!!! Ha!

    You'll do great in whatever grade!!! Congrats!

  2. Good luck with everything! I'm jealous. I wish I had to just plan for one thing! I could teach reading and writing ALL day!

    And the weather here in TN is about the same! SOOO cold and GLOOMY!!!

    Third Grade Experience

  3. I do not blame you for teaching 5th grade. I don't know how you teach the little ones. I teach 4th and it's the lowest grade I can teach..sometimes I want to loose my mind. Congrats on your new grade! I know it will be great--especially with such a great sub!

  4. I teach fifth grade and I can tell you this... They are big - by the end of the year, most are bigger than me at 5'1. They are smelly - keep the windows open when they weather warms up. I get hand sanitizer in fun scents and they love it so much that they practically bathe in it. Buy some. Seriously, you can thank me later. It is easier planning for one or two subjects but the correcting takes MUCH longer. They will make you things but most are not huggers. (I wouldn't do any hugging in fifth grade, anyways) Some will drive you crazy with their mature sarcasm and sassy attitudes but most will melt your heart in a million different ways. I have to admit that I am always totally jealous when I read the firsties' blogs - especially Babbling Abby, but I LOVE LOVE fifth grade and I think you will too. You CAN do it & I can't wait to read about it! Congrats!

  5. Ok. This was the sweetest post ever. Good luck in 5th grade! You'll do great!!!!!!

    Feel better sweetie!


  6. I was scared to come up to 5th at first too, but I love it so much now. I think they are the best aged kids ever! They get your humor, you can have good conversations with them...and they don't really stink. 4th grade maybe, but by 5th they are way more conscious of it and wear deodorant.The only real annoying thing is their hormones in the spring. :) I think you will LOVE them!

  7. Once we moved to CT, I started at a long-term sub in third grade. Then when one permanent position opened up, I knew I had to interview for it even if it was in 4th grade! I felt the same way you do! I had never wanted to go above 3rd. But I got the job and it was by far my favorite grade. (I still wouldn't want to teach 4th in KY with portfolios).
    It sounds like the planning will be easier and that is awesome news about your sub.
    So sorry you're still sick. Praying for relief!

  8. You will love 5th grade! I've never taught 3rd, but I've taught 4th-6th. 5th is definitely my favorite! And you will LOVE only having to plan for one lesson. Even if you have to adjust it for different levels you're still basically only planning for one thing.

    And I feel ya' on the standards deconstruction! We have been working on it all year...all day today...and all day for the first 2 days we are "out of school" for the summer. Hope you get to feeling better asap so you can enjoy the last few days of school and your precious summer with Clark!

  9. Welcome to 5th! I'm sure you'll love it! I get pictures and flowers and chocolate and hugs everyday. They'll love you! :)


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