Sunday, June 20, 2010

Father's Day & Super Savings

Today is Father's Day and I am overly blessed with the wonderful fathers I have in my life. First of all I have one amazing dad who has been such a wonderful role model and mentor. I have always thought of myself as a "daddy's girl" and I just love my dad to pieces. Anyone who knows him would understand why. Not only does he love his 3 children, he loves the Lord, LOVES my momma, ADORES his grandsons. He makes me laugh, calms me down when I am upset and has always supported me in what I do. He was at all my recitals, ballgames, and events. He helped me win science fair ribbons. He carried all of my stuff up 3 flights of stairs the day they dropped me off at college, and held my mom and cried in the parking lot on the way out. He walked me down the aisle the day I married Stuart and was there when I delivered Clark. I know I have put him through a lot, I know I was not an easy child. I know I made many mistakes that broke his heart, but I always knew he loved me and I still do.

I am also married to an amazing dad. I have loved Stuart for a long time, but I fell deeper in love with him after seeing him with our son. He is an outstanding daddy. He loves Clark with such a deep passion. Changing diapers, feedings, weekends alone with Clark are not a problem, he never complains and acts like it is his delight to do these things. My heart melts every night when he puts Clark to bed. I am so grateful that I get to experience parenthood with Stuart and that I have him by my side on this journey. He is and will continue to be an excellent role model for our son. He loves him unconditionally and with his whole heart & I am so blessed to get to watch this love grow each day.

So today I just want to remind those two wonderful men that I love them very much and I thank the Lord everyday that I have them in my life.

Now that I have soaked the key board with tears, I am going to switch gears and talk about another very emotional event of the day. My new obsession COUPONING! I have always clipped coupons and have always been so excited to see the savings. Now I am even more obsessed because of the deals I can get with Extra Care Bucks and Register Rewards. It has become like a drug for me! (yes, I know that sounds over the top, but I was jittery on the way home- so excited from the bargains.)

SO...On that note, here is the rest of our day today:
Today is Father's Day and Stuart had to work ( reason being, we are going on vacation next week and the work has to get done sometime). So Clark and I went to church and then took Stuart lunch at work. Stuart and I dined on Sushi in his office while Clark might have had a Wendy's kids meal. After lunch, Clark took a nap and I scoured the paper for coupons and mapped out my deals at CVS and WalGreens. I was very excited for Clark to wake up so we could go!

He FINALLY woke up at 4:00 and we headed out the door.

We hit CVS first. Here is what I bought:
Huggies Diapers (which we don't usually buy, but for this price!) :
$19.99 per box
earn $10.00 Extra Care Bucks
-$3.00 MF Coupon (Thanks Mindy!)
Total : $6.99
I did this twice! I turned around and used the $10.00 ECB on the second box!- I had to use my mom's CVS card to get the second box, but she allowed it! (Thanks Mom)

Paper Towels
Sale Price: $6.97
-$2.00 MFC
plus I combined this with the second box of diapers and used the ECB and got them FREE!
Total: FREE

Colgate Toothpaste
Sale Price 2.99 each
Earn $2.00 in ECB for each
2 $1.00 off coupons
Total: FREE

CVS Ibuprofen
Sale price $3.99
earn $3.00 ECB
Total : $0.99 (used Flex card- no cost to me!)

Crest Whitestrips
Sale Price:$31.99
-$10.00 store coupon
-$10.00 MFC
Total: $9.99

GRAND TOTAL before coupons and ECB: $88.93

Now, I know I am not an expert at this YET, but I am pretty excited about my savings!
Next, we drove across the street to WalGreens. Now please remember I am doing all of this with a two year old. A very well behaved two year old who waited patiently while mommy went through numerous transactions to use all of the coupons at the same time. He was WONDERFUL!!

Noting that, here is what we got at WallGreens:

Lysol Products
Sale Price: $2.99
Register Rewards (per item) :$1.00
-$1.00/2 MFC
Total: $1.49 each

Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner
Sale price: $2.99 BOGO
Total: $1.99 FOR TWO!

Jello (needed to make THIS)
Sale price: 2 for $1.00
-$0.50 MFC
Total: $0.50 FOR TWO!

Old Spice Body Wash & Deodorant
Sale price $4.49 each
RR earned: $4.49
MFC- Free deodorant

Gillette Body Wash:
Sale Price: $4.49
RR earned: $4.49

Sale Price: $5.99
RR: $5.00
Total: $0.99

Nivea Body Wash and Lotion:
Sale price: Lotion: $7.99
Body Wash :$5.99 (Free with lotion)
-1.00 MFC for both
Total: $5.99

Fillers (to be able to use all rewards and coupons)
Sale Price :$0.99 each
Sippy Cup (for good boy patiently waiting in cart)
Sale price: $3.99
Total: $5.99

GRAND TOTAL before coupons and RR; $65.85

So, I was very pleased with today. We are stocked up on cleaning supplies for a while, and I think Stuart is good on body wash. I enjoyed my couponing today as you can tell!

The US Open is wrapping up so I am going to go spend some time with Stuart. Today was yet another wonderful summer day!! Tomorrow Clark has his first dentist appointment, which should be very interesting! I will be sure to share how it goes!


  1. AWESOME job Abby!!! So excited to share this couponing addiction with you!!! Love the pictures!

  2. Great job Abby!! As you know, I have absolutely no time to do my couponing right now but after Tuesday, I will be hitting up Rite Aid and Walgreens!!

  3. I am taking Luke to his 3rd dentist appt. today and Layton for his check-up at the dentist on Wednesday. Both of my boys do a great job at the dentist- so I know Clark will too. I guess you and Mindy are going to have to share your coupon success with me!! I wish I was as dedicated as you are with blogging.


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