Monday, June 21, 2010

1st Dental Visit

Clark had his first dentist appointment today and I was THAT MOM and I took pictures of the whole event! So here is Clark's 1st dental appointment in pictures!

He was a little nervous at first.

Then he noticed all of the cool things there were to do!

But, before he could get to into anything they called his name.

He LOVED the ship mural. He had fun finding all the fish!

This nice lady even gave him a new toothbrush.
He had a little trouble understanding he could only have one...

She cleaned and polished his teeth as he SCREAMED louder than I think I have ever heard.
(No pictures of that. I had to hold him down)
He was very glad when she let him do his own fluoride.

He was even better when she let him pick out a new ball!

Here he is. He made it through round one.
He thought it was time to go, but we had to wait for the dentist.

He was not to happy that he had to lay back down until...

He noticed the TV on the celling!
He was too busy crying the last time to notice it.

Hey Mom, this is not so bad after all!

Listening very intently to Dr. Jackson.

Dr. Jackson was WONDERFUL!
He counted his teeth and of course there were more tears, but it was not too bad.
At this point he is ready to GO.

He got to join the NO CAVITY club!

He even got a "CHOO CHOO THOMEES" sticker!
Here he is with all his loot!

Bye Bye Dentist!
See you in 6 months!

It was a wonderful office and I am so glad we went. We will definitely be going back. Following Dr. Jackson's orders we will continue to brush- I learned a few tricks for that! We will also not be having so much milk in between meals.I was very proud of my big boy. He did very well for his first time!

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  1. Being "THAT mom" means you're a GREAT mom. :)


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