Friday, April 23, 2010

That's her boyfriend? He's Gross!

Friday on Kelly's Korner- Show Us Your Life she is asking for stories telling how you meet your husband. So I am linking up to it, and here is how I became Mrs. Snyder! If you know me, you know this story or you have heard it before, but here goes.

Stuart and I are from different towns in Kentucky and lived different but similar lives growing up. He was an Army brat who has lived all over the United States and Germany, but spent his high school years in KY when his dad retired from the Army. I did move a few times growing up but only in the TriState area of Ohio, WV & Kentucky. We both decided on Georgetown College for different reasons, but I am glad we did!

I did not know Stuart until my sophomore year at Georgetown.
(But I must add- I had seen him before. Our freshman year he was tan, and had long bleach blonde hair and looks totally different than he does today. He was dating a girl I knew and the first time I saw him I said- "Ew, that's her boyfriend, He's gross...little did I know!) My freshman year I was dating a guy I had been seeing since high school and I had not met many guys on campus. (I did have one guy I knew from freshman orientation group named Seth. Seth has a whole lot to do with this story and was our best man in our wedding!)

So by the time my sophomore year came around I had joined a sorority, broken up with said boyfriend and was looking for a formal date. Last minute I asked a friend and fraternity brother of Seth's to our formal. (This friend today is one Stuart's best friends/co-worker/texting boyfriend) This was my first "PHI TAU EXPERIENCE". These guys were like nothing I had ever seen before. No, my momma had not warned me about guys like this...Pretty sure no one had! These boys were out of control! Needless to say I had a great time at the formal and did meet Stuart that night.

After the formal I began hanging out with these wild boys more often. Not sure if it was because I had a good time, or if I wanted to see what they would get into next. (many stories for many more days!) This was all happening in the year I turned 21. There were many late nights, and many interesting experiences that always included Seth and I having a good night and coming back to campus to Seth's roommate; not yet 21 year old Stuart. Stuart would hear all about our nights and he was always there when we got back. We would talk, hang out and observe the antics of the wild boys he called friends.

This went on for months! Junior year formal time came and I knew Stuart was going to ask me. HE DID NOT! He asked another girl and let me tell you I was confused. So I went with the previous formal date and had a good time, but was left confused by Mr. Snyder. I still continued to hang out with those boys, but was still a little confused by Stuart. Until one night he says to me, "If I were to ask you on a real date would you go?". I must have said yes. So we went on that date, and many more after that. Our official 1st date was December 13th 2002 and we have been together ever since.

We dated throughout the rest of our college career at Georgetown. We got engaged on my birthday September 25th, 2004, married June 25th, 2005 and this year we will be celebrating our 5 year anniversary. So needless to say I am thankful for Seth for introducing me to this bunch of wild boys, for Brett to taking me to that formal, and to God for leading me to Stuart.

That is our story (the condensed, cleaned up, what I can remember as of right now and blog worthy version), ENJOY!

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  1. Ya'll are so cute!! What a nice little story -- and perfect timing to be caught up as a new reader!


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