Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Break -Retirement Style

When you think about Spring Break what do you think about? Well Spring Break 2010 was a little different than say Spring Break college style. Very Different. There was no late night clubbing, drinking or girl drama. We were just the opposite. We were early morning coffee at the clubhouse while we heard the list of those celebrating 50 years of marriage, the only thing late night at the "village" was BINGO (that grandma did not tell me about until the next day- I would have been all over that!). We had early morning pool time, followed by naptime, lunchtime and Price Is Right (grandma's favorite!). It was truly delightful! I hope that someday I live that life. Those "senior residents" know how to live. They golf cart everywhere, have pool aerobics, luncheons and good times! It was a relaxing, slow paced week and I loved spending time with my mom and grandma.

We did take one day and drive 20 minutes to Downtown Disney. This was kind of like Clark's dreamworld. I think if Elmo would have been there too, he might have fainted! He did not know it was not Disney World and mom and I saved the $85.00 for tickets! He loved it. MICKEY MOUSE was everywhere, trains, dinosaurs, Legos I mean what else could a tot ask for! It was quite cute to see him point out ALL the Mickey Mouses he saw. AND HE SAW LOTS! Every time he saw anything Mickey it was like he was seeing him for the 1st time. SO EXCITED & SO CUTE!!

The trip was great, the flight was not bad and we did it. Clark had his first flight experience, I had NO AGENDA, & we saw grandma. While we were gone Stuart got to go to the practice round at the Masters. So lets just say my boys had a GREAT week. They both got their favorite fixes; Tiger and Mickey!

Enjoy the pictures!

Me and C on the plane. He was SOOO Good!

Just look at that smile!

Me and C outside of a yummy spot called Langs.

LOVIN' some PB&J!

Some of our "pool friends"! We looked for Sophia and Dorthy but we were not that lucky!

MY GRANDMA CAROLYN! (She wanted to buy this hat- REALLY!)

We had his handprint turned into a Choo Choo. So cute!

Speaking of ChooChoos...HE cried when we had to get off. LOVED IT.

Love at 1st sight-This guy came home with us.

A little Lego action.


SERIOUSLY- This made me laugh out loud. I think he knew we were on Spring Break!

We had to sit on the side and wait for water aerobics to finish before we could get in! Just waiting his turn.

I just love this kid- Have I mentioned that before?

Just a cute boy waiting on a plane!


  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time! I love all of the pictures!!

  2. Absolutely precious post and pics - he just gets cuter every day! I know your Mama and Grandma were thrilled to have you all spend time together in sunny Florida!

  3. LOVE the pics! (esp the ones laid back in the pool:) looks like a great time was had by all!

  4. Looks like a fantastic trip! (Oh, and I love the Golden Girls reference!)

  5. Now who's the stellar blogger?! Your blog is so far superior to mine now! Your pics look the plane one especially and your trip sounds wonderful! I had no idea about "downtown Disney"...I'm putting that in my back pocket! lol

  6. Clark, next time you go, you need to find your Mammy a "friend"! Looks like you had a wonderful time.....I don't know who looked happier, you or Mommy!!!!


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