Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mocking Bird

So I have always hated to be mocked. You know as a child when a kid wanted to get on your nerves they would repeat everything you said. My brother and I were pros at making each other mad and when he mocked me I would go at him like it was my job! I hated it. I have worked at daycares, babysat and taught school, so I know all about kids mocking one another. It is so annoying.

Well, I must admit my thoughts have changed!!
I have this kid who keeps mocking me. He repeats everything I say. If I say "It's raining", he says it too. It has become a daily thing! This annoying habit that has always gotten on my nerves now makes me smile. "This kid" would be my 22 month old and it is so stinkin' cute. He has become quite the repeater. He is learning new words daily and tries so hard to repeat what we ask him to. We went to visit my friend Alison who just had a baby, and he practiced her name the entire way there. He was in the back seat saying Ella, Ella. I say the alphabet one letter at a time and he says it back and it just melts my heart. He does not say everything I ask him to (like please and thank you), but he is learning more words each day and I LOVE IT!

My most recent favorites are: Frowers(flowers), sikle (motorcycle or bicycle), copter (helicopter), and I'm 2 (we are working on this for his birthday!). This little mocking bird is just so much fun! I could listen to his little voice all day!( and I hear him on the monitor as I type. He is talking to Mickey instead of sleeping) I can't wait to see what the word of the day will be tomorrow!

Meeting baby Ella!!

Just a few cute pictures of my little mocking bird!

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