Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A small delay can't ruin our day!

Spring Break has begun. I made it through a super busy day on Friday at school and my patience were tested and I survived. I was very impressed with myself and all I had accomplished on the Friday before Spring Break. Needless to say, when the kids were gone on Friday I was ready for a break. We had a wonderful Easter (will post pics later) and I was very ready to head to Florida on Sunday evening.

Stuart took us to the airport at about 5:00 on Sunday for our 7:20 departure time. I was a little nervous about flying alone with Clark and Stuart reassured me as he kissed us goodbye at the security checkpoint. I began to feel confident as we waited in line. The woman in front of me was also alone. She had a little boy about the same age as Clark and a ONE WEEK OLD BABY!! No, I am not kidding. She was a sight to be seen, bless her heart! I watched as she made her way through security and I kept telling myself if she could do it I SURELY COULD! So, we made our way through. Clark did not want to give up his car to be scanned which caused a little yelling, but nothing we could not handle. He did watch it coming through the belt on the other side. They searched my bag and found a juice box I was saving for later, after a quick "vapor test" we had all our stuff back (including the red car!), shoes on and we were free and clear. I was very proud of my big man. He was doing so well. Little did I know this was going to be the easy part! After security, we got to the gate. As we get ready to sit down the lady at the counter tells me that our 7:20 flight will not be taking off until 9:30 or 10:00!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!
I did not panic, but I was thinking about it! How was I going to keep him occupied from 6:00 until 10:00 and then on the flight too! My bag was packed with all sorts of treats, snacks, books, toys, but was there enough? I only had 4 diapers and a hand full of wipes! Then I looked over at the girl with the 2 year old and the ONE WEEK OLD BABY...and began to remind myself that I could do this. And of course we did!

We ate all of our snacks, read all of our books, watched the airplanes, watched the people, strolled up and down, up and down, up and down MANY MANY times, ate dinner, made new friends and survived! Once we finally boarded the plane at 9:55pm (2hours past bedtime) I was sure he would sleep the entire flight. I thought wrong. He watched out the window, played peek-a-boo with the baggage boys as they loaded the plane outside our window, read the in-flight magazine and picked out lots of things he wanted, read his books, drank all his juice and we made it! It was a true test of my patience and my confidence as a mommy. We arrived in Orlando at about 12:00 and found my mom and our luggage. I installed the car seat in my grandma's van and we were off. Our non-stop, 1.5 hour flight had turned into quite the adventure,but we survived, and neither of us shed a tear the entire time. We neither shed a tear or closed one eye. Clark finally went to sleep at 12:30 in the car once we had been picked up at the airport. We pulled into my grandma's driveway at 1:15 am. Clark slept in his clothes and did not wake up until 9:30 that morning. We SURVIVED and we are having a blast. We are hanging out with all the "senior residents" of my grandma's retirement village and enjoying our time. There were a few times on Sunday I did not think we would really see this place, but we did and LIFE IS GOOD! I will have plenty of pictures later, but for now enjoy these from our airport adventure!


  1. That is great he did so good! I am so glad I haven't had to do that yet. I knew you were a trooper!

  2. This is great. I love the music. I feel like I was there with you! You are amazing!!! Mammy


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