Sunday, September 19, 2010

Party Animal

September is a great month to have a birthday! We know so many wonderful people who were born in the month of September (including me!). We have been to lots of birthday parties this month and still have a few more to go. Our weekends have been packed full of fun and this one was no exception. Yesterday we celebrated with our friend Ben from next door - he had a Thomas party to celebrate turning 2- Anything Thomas is a big hit with Clark!

Today we celebrated with Christian as he turned 2. It was a FANTASTIC party and we loved it. Christian's mommy is a dear friend of mine from college and she did a great job with the construction themed party. The details were extra cute and I was snapping pictures left and right. (As if that is different than any other day!ha!) I had so much fun watching all the little guys run around. They even had a trackhoe on site for the kids to sit on! Clark talked about it the whole way home.

Here is some evidence of the cuteness of the party and proof that a good time was had by all:

The cake table- The dump truck was filled with dirt cake! It could not be cuter!

Check out the construction cone cupcakes.

Loved these too!
Made from mini candy bars, teddy grahams & mini M & Ms!

The kids got to decorate and take construction hats.
They also gave them little construction vehicles as favors.

The favors said:
"So glad you came and joined the crew to celebrate Christian turning 2".
My party animal in his cute little hat!

This was by far the highlight of the day for Clark & Mickey.

Clark & Mickey working hard!

C making sure Mickey gets a chance to steer.

C and the enjoying the toys that also went along with the theme!
(Look at the dump truck full of goldfish on the kiddo table! )

The Birthday Boy!!

The Birthday Boy getting ready to blow out the candles.

Birthday Boy & his momma!

Wild boys partyin' hard!

Clark & Christian.

The Snyder Family minus Mickey.

As you can see, the weekend was great. Let the countdown begin...9/25 will mark my last birthday in my twenties & I can't wait. Have a GREAT week!!


  1. A real, live mini-excavator at a party?! STOP THE WORLD. Becks would have been in Heaven! How fun!

    {And, btw, I only know it's proper name because I read about them DAILY and repeatedly to Becks!}

  2. What a great party! :)
    I'm looking forward to your "last birthday in your 20's" post! :)


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