Sunday, September 5, 2010

go cats!!

This weekend marked the beginning of football season in The Bluegrass State. It was The Governor's Cup game where our beloved WILDCATS play our in state rivals. The Snyder family, dressed in our BIG BLUE attire bearing ballgame food and a rowdy toddler headed to Lexington to watch the game with Stuart's buddies. They are a rowdy bunch themselves so Clark fits right in!ha! We are one of the only couples to have children yet so Clark is always the life of the party and he enjoys every minute of it. He cheered when they cheered, played trains, and ATE EVERYTHING IN SIGHT. He had cupcakes, chips, dips- all of it. He was put in some pretty dangerous situations ie: very close to the celling fan and other scary situations mostly in fault "uncle" Brett.

It was an entertaining afternoon with yummy food, good company, lots of laughs and a W for the CATS and new head coach Joker Phillips.

I love that it is football season for many more reasons than watching the CATS. I love that football season means it is also time for cooler temps, apple pickin', pumpkin patch, fall clothes, my birthday, Keeneland, Halloween and the list could go on. Fall is by far my favorite season and I can feel it coming and I am sooooooo excited. I am also so excited for the long weekend and a whole lot of time to love on my boys and enjoy the weather!

Here are some pics from the UK-UL party at the Proctor's. ENJOY!!

The cutest CATS fans I know!

See what I mean? He was VERY entertained!


Our lovely host & hostess! THANKS GUYS.

Me & Stuart

Clark and one if his all time favorite people.

Cute boy caught with ANOTHER cupcake!

More wild Brett antics. :)

I had to throw this is in. This is our little family 3 years ago at the UK-UL game.
Clark was barely 3 moths old. Look at my precious little CATS fan.

Here we are yesterday. Clark's 3rd UK /UL party.
I could cry- WHEN DID HE GET SO BIG?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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  1. Mammy loves the cupcake picture!! Can't believe the picture from 3 years ago.....


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