Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow Days

March WHAT? I am not really sure how that happened, but it did. It is March and I have not posted on the ol' blog since DECEMBER. Not only have I not posted, but I have not even opened this computer since then. My photo sharing outlet is Instagram. I am addicted to it and it takes all of 30 seconds to share a picture- however, I do not get to share our stories. I have not used my good camera in weeks. I have not printed a picture in months and I have not written one thing in a baby book for the duo or made the first photo book or scrapbook. I need this space. I need to write down our stories so I don't forget these fleeting moments.  It used to be my me time. I use to enjoy coming up with post ideas- I am trying hard to get back to that. So it is March and I am getting back on the wagon.

Tonight I am watching flurries fall outside my window while I sort, price and hang the piles of clothes for the upcoming consignment sale and I feel the need to start my blog return with some super cute pictures of my trio in the snow.

We have not had an abundance of snow, but what we have had has allowed for some outdoor play and some super cute bundled up babes. We may not have ever made a snowman, we may have had an unfinished snow fort, and it may have taken longer to get everyone dressed than the duo lasted outside, but Clark LOVES it. He squeals when he sees it and loves to help clear the driveway with Stuart. Santa brought him a mini snow shovel and he could not wait to put it to use.

Love at first sight.
Happy to be hard at work.
Me and my snowy loves. (Can you tell that SK and I both have double pink eye?)
snowy snyder duo
More hard work.
Clubhouse retreat from the snow.
SHEP! Do you see that?
Also hard at work. Too  young?
All done- about 20 minutes later.
A girl and her dog. He loves her so.
What a better way to end the romp in the snow? Donuts! They were pretty happy in case you cannot tell.

The snow is still falling as I wrap this post up. I am supposed to moderate the Academic Team meet tomorrow morning and am wondering if that might not happen. We have other weekend plans like a birthday celebration for Stuart, more consignment sale prep and a Maker's Mark Distillery tour date. Here's to my first post of 2013 and hope that I keep things up because we have lots to share- like walking, talking babies, funny preschool stories, house projects- You know what you are dying to read about right?? :)
Anyway- Happy Friday and weekend to you!!



  1. lol...Abby I am right there with you :) I just posted for the first time since December too. Hopefully we will find some time to get back into blogging!


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