Saturday, March 9, 2013

Birthday and Bourbon

Last weekend we celebrated Stuart's birthday. We started the weekend with a trip to his mom and dad's house for a birthday dinner. It was a nice relaxing evening topped off with cake of course. It is not everyday that you turn 31 and it is not everyday that you get a Nutella Choco Banana cake either. Our ever talented cake lady made it and he was pumped. Okay, we all were pretty excited- and it was tasty. We had cake, sang to the birthday boy and just enjoyed a quiet evening.

The next day we had a distillery date. We left the kids with the Snyders and headed to the Maker's Mark distillery for a tour and a little bourbon tasting. This had been something I knew he had wanted to do and we were happy to make it happen for his birthday weekend. It was about a 45 minute drive from his parent's house and pretty much in the middle of no where. It was a fun little trip with my guy and very well worth it. The campus was beautiful, the tour was interesting- I learned a lot!, we tasted three versions and got to dip our own bottles. All very cool things that reminded us yet again that living in KY is pretty great. Little getaways like this are much needed, enjoyed and of course documented - documented in iPhone pictures anyway.

The birthday boy.

Did I mention the cake was AMAZING?

The birthday boy ready to dip his bottle.

Mr. Snyder mid-dip.

Pre Dip.

Selfie in the MM copper stills.

Yep, we got to taste the mash.

Our taste station. I decided I prefer the Maker's 46 and would be happy to never taste the Maker's White again.

"Nosing" the bourbon.

Taste tasting.

Happy Birthday Stuart. I love you very much and hope you enjoyed your bourbon, cake and low key weekend. I hope year 31 is one of the best ones yet. I know the best one was year 20- you know the one where you met me, but let's hope this one ranks pretty high up there too. Love you.

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