Sunday, March 17, 2013

Halfway to Two- An Update

The duo is 18 months old. 18 MONTHS! That is halfway to two. That is impossible. I have not done a duo update in a while so I thought I should document what is going on in the lives of these two wild, hilarious and ever changing babes.

They are walking, running, talking, EATING, sleeping, whining, fighting, exploring, falling down, climbing up, screaming, kissing, hugging, smiling, dancing, playing, sipping, laughing, charming and entertaining every day. They are learning all about timeout, cleaning up, taking turns, waiting, and that every meal is not instantly on the high chair tray. They have been known to knock each other down, pick each other up and give lots of kisses. They eat it all. SaraKate will try anything and Shepard eats like he has just been released from prison. He also hoards food and hangs on to the last piece of anything and will nibble on it until the next meal.  They are wearing 12-18 month clothes and weighing in around 20 and 23 lbs. Shep being a little stouter than SK. They are in the big kid car seats and face forward in my car and rear face in Stuart's. They are learning new words each day and reminding me why 18-24 months is my favorite age. They just discover and understand so much. I find it so awesome and fun to watch.

Their day looks a little something like this:
7:00 Daddy wakes them, dresses them, feeds them and takes them to the sitter. (I leave the house before they get up. I lay out all clothes, pack lunches and get things ready for the day)
8:00-4:30 They spend the day with our sitter Mrs.Bonnie and her herd of other tots. They eat lunch, nap, play and learn with her each day. They only take one nap a day. Around 12-2:30 I believe.
4:30: I pick them up.
4:45: We walk in the door and they all want to eat. This time is WILD. They are all hungry and I cannot get food on the table fast enough. S & SK stand at my feet or the pantry door and beg, whine and cry for food. I feel like they are little puppies and I am handing them scraps the whole time I get dinner ready.
5:30: Stuart is home or has come downstairs from his office and we get ready to eat dinner. I have been making an effort for us to all eat at the same time. We were feeding them and then the three of us eating around 7:00. We now all eat about 5:30.
6:15: Bath time or playtime depending on just how dirty they really are!
6:45: Play time, jammie time, story time.
7:00 Bed time. We brush teeth, put on sleep sacks, find all loveys, pacis, blankies, and they just get put in the crib with music on. They do not get rocked, they usually just lay down. We turn off the lights and close the door.
Then we head downstairs to clean up the messes that happened over the last few hours.Play games, watch shows and hang out with just Clark before his 8:00 bedtime. Our evenings are a blur- fast and furious. By the time they are all asleep I am wiped out and the couch is always calling my name. Sometimes I resist and do some chores- but by 9:30 I can usually be found in my spot on the couch. :)
It all starts over the next day.

Our weekends look completely different. Soon our Spring Break will happen and I will be home with them all week and then coming soon is our Summer Break and we will make a whole new agenda and be home everyday and on all sorts of adventures. The countdown may or may not already be happening.

We feel the need to pinch ourselves numerous times a week not sure if this life is for real or something we may wake up from. It is still so surreal to think we have three kids. To think we both work full time and have these three kids. To think that we are able to laugh with it all- YES, it can be overwhelming, yes tears have been shed, but we make an effort to count our blessings daily. To give HIM thanks for all things we have been trusted with and try to remember the small moments, because the days fly by and we are in constant motion. During these wild days I use my phone often to catch some of the moments I hope to remember. I spend a little while each night just staring at the pictures on my phone, sharing them on Instagram and trying to re-live our days to remember it all. Here are some of the moments I have captured of these halfway to two year olds.

SK going in for the kiss.

So sad when she is rejected and pushed away! oh my.

Church nursery sweeties.

Bubble Bath Babes.

Caught in the act.

18 month birthday suckers!

Bathroom selfie with mommy.

They are waking up from naps as I wrap this up. I have hundreds of grades to put in the computer as report cards go home this week and the laundry is piling up. Normal Sunday life around these parts.
 Happy 18 months littlest Snyders!!


  1. They are so adorable! And you look amazing in your bathroom selfie...holding TWO babies and taking your own picture is no easy task. ;)

  2. Happy 18 months, Snyder Duo! Wow, what a fun age to look forward to!

  3. My favorite pictures are the ones of Sara Kate kissing her borther and then Sara Kate upset. Pretty much sums up twins. Love each other one second and mad at each other the next. So sweet!


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