Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Party Post!

Sunday June 12th was party day!! Clark turned 3 and we had his party at The Explorium. The Explorium is the Children's Museum in Lexington and it was a great place to party! We rented The Gumball Room where we had the cake, ice cream and opened gifts. I did do much as far as decorating goes. They provided balloons, plates, napkins and table cloths and we just showed up with ice cream, drinks and cake. I could have done more with the decor, but we were not in there long and the kids did not mind! I was so busy trying to take pictures that I did not even have time to worry about it.  The kiddos could not wait for cake so we had it almost immediately and then opened gifts. The guests were all little boys except for one and they all loved everything Clark opened. This made for a few sharing situations so we decided it was time to go play as soon as the last gift was opened.  So play we did. The kids were set free and ran wild through the museum. Since it was a Sunday it was not crowded and we were able to play some together. I think the parents had a good time too as we chatted and watched our little ones explore. My mom and Stuart's mom got the room all cleaned up while we played and that was so nice. I am pretty sure the pictures speak for themselves so here are a few from the day my boy turned 3!!

The Birthday Boy ready for his party to start!

The cake. Clark requested a Mickey cake- so of course we listened.
Each of the kids got to take home a treat bag and a cookie.

Lots of cute boys at the party.
We colored and had playdough while everyone arrived.

Make a wish big guy!

He was very into opening his gifts.
He needed no help from me. SO BIG.
A quick pose with his gifts.
(yes, this is a new face he makes ALL- THE-TIME.)

Look at all my loot mommy!

We enjoyed water play with Ethan.

C testing his horsepower with his "Daddo".

His buddy Jack the Jockey.

Miss Ella and her mommy. Ella was the only girl there.

Our pal Christian cooking up something good!
Luke and Layton learned all about dental hygiene!

Mr. Nate in the adobe oven! He is such a cutie!

Sweet Ella loved The Bubble Room.

Drew and Mindy bubbled together!

My bubble boy!

Some of the boys on the moon!
Pretty sure it will never be the same.

Clark and Grandpa Snyder.
These two share the same birthday. We think that is pretty special!

It was a great day. Clark is already talking about what kind of party he is going to have next year! ha!
So far there has been talks of a "Wildcat Party", a "Percy Party" and a "Monster Truck Party". Oh this boy is just too much! He asked me if I wanted a "Princess Party" for my birthday. I am thinking my birthday will most likely be spent in the hospital having babies, but we shall see. A Princess Party could be fun!

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  1. What a fun party! Can't believe your little guy is 3. Where has the time gone?


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