Wednesday, June 8, 2011

21 Week Update.

The Snyder Duo: WEEK 21

Baby Size: According to my sources the babies are about the size of bananas. They are about 10.5 inches long and weigh about 12.7oz. At our May 31st appointment Baby Girl was 10oz. and Baby Boy was 11oz. So this seems about right.

Weight Loss/Gain: At my last appointment I was +5 lbs. I sure feel much bigger than +5.

Maternity Clothes: Mostly maternity pants and my much adored gaucho pants and a mix of tops. I had to go to the mall today to buy some maternity shorts and a few more tops. Everything at the Gap was 40% off so that was good news. It is so H-O-T outside so the new clothes were much needed.

Sleep: I am still sleeping pretty well. I am most comfortable on my side, but switch sides a lot during the night. Because I am no longer dehydrated I am back to getting up SEVERAL times during the night to go potty.

Symptoms: I am feeling great these days. I have not been sick and I have been keeping most if not all meals down. yay! I have had heartburn for the first time in my entire life and have been munching on some Tums. I did not have this with Clark and EVERYONE asked me if I did once he was born because he had so much hair.

Movement: Yes. I have been feeling them more and more. They are more like flutters and rolls. No real kicks or jabs- but I love them reminding me that they are still in there.

Best Moment This Week:
Well the best moment last week was our one hour ultrasound where we learned we are having ONE BOY AND ONE GIRL!! We are so exited. This week it has been so cute to hear Clark tell people the genders. He tells people he is having "One boy and one sister" when they ask.  We also ordered nursery bedding. I have looked at many different ideas, but I ordered some from PB Kids and it is on back order. I am not going to look at any more bedding until it comes in so I can see it in person. But I do have some I ideas for the room using this bedding swirling in my head so I hope it will work.

Food Cravings: Nothing exciting this week. I have just been eating regular meals and staying hydrated. Clark and I have been drinking LOTS of KoolAid and eating lots of popsicles to stay cool around here.

What I Miss: I still miss Jazzercise and not being able to wear regular pants and shorts has been a problem this week because I only had two pairs of summer maternity pants to wear and it has been so hot. So I am so thrilled I found some today!

Looking Forward To:  Deciding on names for these sweeties so I can start calling them by name and getting all things monogrammed! I am also looking forward to our 24 week appointment so we can get another glimpse of the duo.

Other news this week: Today was our LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!!! We have been in meetings all week and today was it and I am so happy to be done. Tomorrow C and I are going to do a whole lot of NOTHING and I can't wait!! Also this week on Sunday our big boy will be turning 3. We have planned a party at the local children's museum and we are all very pumped about it. Including this guy:


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  1. I love reading your updates! Especially the part where you compare their size to some sort of fruit or food each week!


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