Sunday, June 12, 2011


This weekend big things are happening around the Snyder house.
Someone we know and love is getting bigger everyday and turned 3 on Sunday. Because he is getting so big we decided it was time to upgrade him to a "Big Boy Room".

Well, the decision was made for us really. C has completely bent the frame on his crib/toddler bed because he has outgrown it and he was unable to sleep in it, so all last week he slept in the guest room in a full bed. So for his birthday his mamaw and papaw decided they wanted to buy him a new bed. It just so happens that the day after they called to tell us that news, my friend Trina listed some SUPER CUTE Pottery Barn furniture on Craigslist. She called to tell me. I checked it out, loved it and we bought it! My parents came this weekend to celebrate the big man turning 3 and while they were here they worked so hard to help us put the new room together.  Just putting the furniture in the room is one thing, but taking down the crib, unloading the drawers, cleaning the woodwork, rearranging, reorganizing and then putting in all the new stuff is a whole other ballgame. Fortunately my mom is some sort of superhuman and she worked her magic let me tell you. The room is done. Clark loves it. We love it and he is sound asleep in there right now after a full day of partying!

 I did not take a "before" photo the day we started but I do have some pictures of the room before we ever even brought him home from the hospital and one quick phone pic of the toddler bed version.

Now, for some reason I don't think the twins room will be able to be done in one day but we do have a small start on it. I hope my mom will come help with it too. Love You Momma!!


  1. Super cute! I love Pottery Barn Kids furniture and bedding!

  2. C is one lucky little dude! I love his room!

  3. It looks great! A friend of mine just moved her son from his crib to the toddler bed version of the crib. On the first morning, he woke up and called "Mommmmmmmy!"...he didn't realize he could get out of bed himself, LOL!


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