Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey Treats

After a full day of decorating this house for Christmas, followed by lots of clean up I decided to make a trip to Kroger. OH MY WORD. It is only Sunday at that place was packed. I vowed to myself that I would not go back until after Thanksgiving. Yikes.

I just needed a few things for the dessert that I am making for our faculty potluck on Tuesday, the required items to take to my mom's for Thanksgiving and the supplies for turkey treats for my class. I left the store in a reasonable time, spent less than $30.00 and remembered to bring and use my reusable bags. I was feeling good about the whole trip. It was not until I got home that I realized I forgot the chocolate chips! ugh. But I did make that vow and I was not about to break it. So I had to improvise and come up with a new plan for eyeballs. Eyeballs for what you ask? Well for TURKEY TREATS of course.
I made these with my 3rd graders last year and it was a hit, so of course we are going to do it again. But C and I had to make a batch to take to Mrs. Bonnie's house to share with his friends and we wanted to share with you in case you need a cute, EASY treat over the next few days.

Oatmeal Cream Pies
Oreos (or Kiddos- if you buy the store brand!)
Candy Corn
Chocolate Chips (darn it!)

Step 1: Unwrap oatmeal cream pies.

Step 2: Place candy corn white side down in between the layers of cream pie for feathers!

See below:

 Step 3: Place a small dot of frosting on the back of the Oreo and attach it to the cream pie for head.

Yes, C had to taste test one cookie. He had to make sure they were fresh for his friends!

C put this one frosting side up. Can you see that he was a little disappointed?
(We did use a little orange frosting we had left from a previous project to attach Oreos)

 Step 4: Place a three small dots of frosting on the cookie. One for beak, two for eyes.

Step 5: Place chocolate chips as eyes. (Or candy corn tips in our case!)

Step 6: Place candy corn yellow side down in chocolate dot for beak.

 Step 7: Enjoy!

I know- it is not much, but kids LOVE em'- trust me!
Have a GREAT week. I am pretty excited that it is a TWO DAY work week. yay!

Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is Saturday afternoon and I should be putting up my Christmas tree. C and I did a little Christmas shopping this morning, and we do have Christmas music playing in the car! When C told his "daddo" that he heard Christmas music in mommy's car- Stuart was a little less than thrilled. He thinks it is wayyy too early for all that. However I think it is NEVER too early and I am totally in the mood to decorate. I had better get started before Stuart gets home from work so there will be no chance for turning back!

But before I do, I have to share some news!! No, I am no pregnant (darn it!), but I did find out the results from my National Boards yesterday. I PASSED!! This has been in the works for over a year. I began the process in July 2009. I have mentioned it a few times like in THIS POST. I turned in my portfolio in March 2010, took my exam in June 2010 and FINALLY found out the results yesterday. I was a nervous wreck all morning long. I knew that scores would be posted at 9:00 am and I could think of NOTHING else. At 9:00 I hopped on my computer in my classroom to see the numbers I have been dying to see and of course the server was too busy and I had to wait. I checked back every 30 seconds (hands shaking the entire time) until I finally got a screen that read:
You are a National Board Certified Teacher!

Of course I squealed and went to click where it said VIEW SCORES and the server went down AGAIN.
I panicked. I thought for sure it was a mistake. I had prepared myself that I had not passed. I had told myself it was a 3 year long process and I would be okay if I did not pass my first try. So, I had convinced myself that the 1st screen had been an error. Hands still shaking, I tried again. All I knew was to look for a number higher than 275 (passing score) and once I saw that my numbers were higher I jumped up out of my seat, began crying and ran out of the room! I was so excited. I know my 3rd graders thought I had lost it! It was a good thing my student teacher was there to explain to them what was going on and why their teacher was jumping up and down acting crazy!! :) It was a great feeling. I have wanted this for some time and I proved to myself that I could do it. I am the first person in my school to attempt it and I was nervous about that. I really wanted to prove that it could be done. I am so thrilled because this counts as my Rank 1- meaning I get a pay raise!, I do not have to do anymore school (unless I change my mind), and hopefully I have inspired many at my school (and hopefully some of you) to try it.
I was an awesome process. I worked very hard and I am so overjoyed that all that hard work paid off!!
So in celebration, I am going to transform my living room to Santa's Workshop! ha!
Thanks for all of your lovely comments and encouragement throughout this process. I must admit, I am one happy girl.

Teacher Friends-
For more information on becoming National Board Certified click HERE!


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday

This post could be called TIRED TUESDAY. I am not sure why but I am so tired! It is my student teacher's solo week, so it is not like I have worked extremely hard at work this week! It might be the rain, it might be the fact that it gets dark at 5:30, it might even be still trying to catch up from lack of sleep from the all weekend scrapbooking event I went to. I have not yet put my finger on it, but I am worn out. I might have even fallen asleep during The Backyardigans with C in my lap only to be awoken to him singing along with Pablo. ha!

My mind is mush, but here are a few things I thought I would share.

  • I did go to an all weekend scrapbooking event with some wonderful friends from work this weekend and finished Clark's 1st year book!! I even made a 8x8 book with all of our pictures from our Fall 09 trip to Boston. It was a very relaxing- yet productive weekend.
  • I might put up the Christmas Tree this weekend. I had thought about it a few times, but this cup of peppermint ice cream I am eating as I type just sealed the deal!
  • Clark has mastered the skill of opening doors and bottles. This has already proven to be disastrous twice in the last few days. I was putting away all my scrapbook junk in the guest room closet on Sunday. I closed the door to keep him out because Santa is using that closet for a large surplus of Thomas the Train paraphernalia. I turn around and there he stands! That little stinker opened the door! I might have scared him when I screamed and herded him out the door.  Tonight while he is in the bathtub, I go to the hall to get a clean towel I come back to him pouring the ENTIRE bottle of bubble bath into the water! ARG- When did he learn these skills?
  • I ORDERED MY CHRISTMAS CARDS! I earned the 50 FREE from Shutterfly that I blogged about in my last post. I chose the one with the 12 pictures- one from each month. They were $2.39 each and I got 50 free! They shipped today and I cannot wait to get them in the mail.
  • I check my email everyday waiting for the email telling me that my National Board scores have posted. The site says anytime between now and December 31st! ugh. I turned in my portfolio in March and took the exam in June. I am very anxious to see how I did. Pass or not I need to see those scores.
  • I will try again tonight to watch Criminal Minds from last week. I tried last night while curled up on the couch with the gas logs blazing. I lasted all of 15 minutes before I was out like a light at 9:15.
  • Tonight was spaghetti night at the Snyder house and this guy was lovin' every minute of it. (These pictures should explain his need for a bath!)
Happy Tuesday!!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Cards

It is that time of year. The time when I stress over just which card to mail out in celebration of the Christmas season. I LOVE picture cards and that is all I have ever sent. (They are my favorite to get too) The first year it was a picture of our little family of 3 ( Me, The Mr. and the Goldendoodle). Then the last 2 years we have had some super cute pictures of our family of 4 that include our little guy on the card. I would have loved to had another Snyder child to add to the Christmas card this year, but since there has not been much luck in that department just yet- we will be having another card as our family of 4. I have always used and have been very pleased with the outcome. I have already been perusing the website looking for just the right one for 2010. I have over 1,000 pictures from the last few months to choose from and then I heard the news that Shutterfly was offering 50 FREE cards to bloggers!! This made me sooooo happy and I just had to share!

Here are my TOP 3  as of today. Which one do you like?

I have a SUPER cute black and white picture of C that would be GREAT on this one.

I LOVE the idea of a TOP 10 list.

Dear Friends and Family-
You may be seeing this in your mailbox in a few weeks with
pictures of an even cuter kid.

I scoured the web last year for a 12 picture card!!
I always use Shutterfly and I highly recommend them. I gave PHOTO CALENDARS to all grandparents last year for Christmas and it was a hit. I am working on some super cute GIFT TAGS for my gifts this year and I think that these PHOTO CANVASES will be a perfect grandparent gift this year!
If you have not used Shutterfly before head on over and get started now! You will thank me later!

Bloggers: to find out more about sharing your love of Shutterfly and earning FREE Christmas Cards go HERE.

I will keep you posted on my card choice (when I make one that is)!

Here is one photo option. My friend Lori took this one last week.
He looks very "elfish" and I like it!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What I'm Loving Wednesday

It is WEDNESDAY and I LOVE playing along with Jamie- so here is a short list of things I am loving this week. It is a mid- week list of some of things that are making me smile on this cold, fall day.

1. I AM LOVING that I have a great student teacher which is allowing me time to read and attempt to implement what I am learning from this book into my daily classroom routine. I am hoping to have it fully implemented by Christmas Break.

2. I AM LOVING these coats. I think a coat with a cute ruffle is just what I need for my fall wardrobe. I have been eyeing the J.CREW ruffle coat for a few years now...come on Santa.


Victoria's Secret
Would love to know where this one is from to give credit...
Still looking.

This one is still a mystery too.
I sure hope Santa reads my blog.

3.I AM LOVING C's new plaid pants and his new signature pose. Both pictured below!

4. I AM LOVING that THIS is opening very soon VERY near my house. Be Still My Heart!!

Chick-Fil-A in case you cannot tell by the picture taken by my phone while at a red light! ha!

5. I AM LOVING the imagination of this 2 year old I have. This is what he comes to me with the other night as we were cleaning up the living room getting ready for bed.

"Momma, I Mickey!"

I AM ALSO LOVING that a new Criminal Minds comes on tonight and that is the biggest thing on my agenda this evening. Well- that and catching up with all the lovely blogs I have been missing the last few days.


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