Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Totally Random Tuesday

This post could be called TIRED TUESDAY. I am not sure why but I am so tired! It is my student teacher's solo week, so it is not like I have worked extremely hard at work this week! It might be the rain, it might be the fact that it gets dark at 5:30, it might even be still trying to catch up from lack of sleep from the all weekend scrapbooking event I went to. I have not yet put my finger on it, but I am worn out. I might have even fallen asleep during The Backyardigans with C in my lap only to be awoken to him singing along with Pablo. ha!

My mind is mush, but here are a few things I thought I would share.

  • I did go to an all weekend scrapbooking event with some wonderful friends from work this weekend and finished Clark's 1st year book!! I even made a 8x8 book with all of our pictures from our Fall 09 trip to Boston. It was a very relaxing- yet productive weekend.
  • I might put up the Christmas Tree this weekend. I had thought about it a few times, but this cup of peppermint ice cream I am eating as I type just sealed the deal!
  • Clark has mastered the skill of opening doors and bottles. This has already proven to be disastrous twice in the last few days. I was putting away all my scrapbook junk in the guest room closet on Sunday. I closed the door to keep him out because Santa is using that closet for a large surplus of Thomas the Train paraphernalia. I turn around and there he stands! That little stinker opened the door! I might have scared him when I screamed and herded him out the door.  Tonight while he is in the bathtub, I go to the hall to get a clean towel I come back to him pouring the ENTIRE bottle of bubble bath into the water! ARG- When did he learn these skills?
  • I ORDERED MY CHRISTMAS CARDS! I earned the 50 FREE from Shutterfly that I blogged about in my last post. I chose the one with the 12 pictures- one from each month. They were $2.39 each and I got 50 free! They shipped today and I cannot wait to get them in the mail.
  • I check my email everyday waiting for the email telling me that my National Board scores have posted. The site says anytime between now and December 31st! ugh. I turned in my portfolio in March and took the exam in June. I am very anxious to see how I did. Pass or not I need to see those scores.
  • I will try again tonight to watch Criminal Minds from last week. I tried last night while curled up on the couch with the gas logs blazing. I lasted all of 15 minutes before I was out like a light at 9:15.
  • Tonight was spaghetti night at the Snyder house and this guy was lovin' every minute of it. (These pictures should explain his need for a bath!)
Happy Tuesday!!



  1. He is a doll and looks like such a fun little guy! We had so much fun in KY. We should have had Clark over for a play date. We will do that next time. I would love to watch them play together....I use to babysit when my kids were young and watching them interact with each other was interesting.


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