Saturday, November 20, 2010


It is Saturday afternoon and I should be putting up my Christmas tree. C and I did a little Christmas shopping this morning, and we do have Christmas music playing in the car! When C told his "daddo" that he heard Christmas music in mommy's car- Stuart was a little less than thrilled. He thinks it is wayyy too early for all that. However I think it is NEVER too early and I am totally in the mood to decorate. I had better get started before Stuart gets home from work so there will be no chance for turning back!

But before I do, I have to share some news!! No, I am no pregnant (darn it!), but I did find out the results from my National Boards yesterday. I PASSED!! This has been in the works for over a year. I began the process in July 2009. I have mentioned it a few times like in THIS POST. I turned in my portfolio in March 2010, took my exam in June 2010 and FINALLY found out the results yesterday. I was a nervous wreck all morning long. I knew that scores would be posted at 9:00 am and I could think of NOTHING else. At 9:00 I hopped on my computer in my classroom to see the numbers I have been dying to see and of course the server was too busy and I had to wait. I checked back every 30 seconds (hands shaking the entire time) until I finally got a screen that read:
You are a National Board Certified Teacher!

Of course I squealed and went to click where it said VIEW SCORES and the server went down AGAIN.
I panicked. I thought for sure it was a mistake. I had prepared myself that I had not passed. I had told myself it was a 3 year long process and I would be okay if I did not pass my first try. So, I had convinced myself that the 1st screen had been an error. Hands still shaking, I tried again. All I knew was to look for a number higher than 275 (passing score) and once I saw that my numbers were higher I jumped up out of my seat, began crying and ran out of the room! I was so excited. I know my 3rd graders thought I had lost it! It was a good thing my student teacher was there to explain to them what was going on and why their teacher was jumping up and down acting crazy!! :) It was a great feeling. I have wanted this for some time and I proved to myself that I could do it. I am the first person in my school to attempt it and I was nervous about that. I really wanted to prove that it could be done. I am so thrilled because this counts as my Rank 1- meaning I get a pay raise!, I do not have to do anymore school (unless I change my mind), and hopefully I have inspired many at my school (and hopefully some of you) to try it.
I was an awesome process. I worked very hard and I am so overjoyed that all that hard work paid off!!
So in celebration, I am going to transform my living room to Santa's Workshop! ha!
Thanks for all of your lovely comments and encouragement throughout this process. I must admit, I am one happy girl.

Teacher Friends-
For more information on becoming National Board Certified click HERE!



  1. CONGRATS!! Your story sounds just like what happened to me! At about 9:00, I got a the "Congrats!" screen, but then I couldn't get any further (looking at me scores) until like 10:30, since it was so backed up. I made my teammate come into my room to verify that was what it said! We did it! Yay!

  2. Congratulations! that is so exciting!

  3. Congrats, Abby! That's awesome!! And I love the "NBCT" after your name. :)

  4. That's great news! I'm sure it was a lot of hard work (especially the waiting). Congratulations!

  5. Congratulations! That is no easy task and you should be proud!

    By the way, you asked me if I am using The Daily 5 in my classroom - I am actually out of the classroom now and am a Literacy Resource Teacher with the district. But, we are implementing workshop into many of our classrooms this year and so I have a lot of teachers who are implementing it.

    My suggestion - go slow. Implement it one step at a time and only move on when your kiddos are ready. I think it will work beautifully in a 3rd grade room - I have a 1st grade teacher who is doing it and it rocks!

    Congrats again!


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